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What's New?

What's New in the Latest Version


What's New in Version 6.2.18

What's New in Version 6.2.16

What's New in Version 6.2.14

What's New in Version 6.2.12

What's New in Version 6.2.10

What's New in Version 6.2.8

What's New in Version 6.2.6

What's New in Version 6.2.4

What's New in Version 6.2.2

What's New in Version 6.2.0

What's New in Version 6.1.10

What's New in Version 6.1.8

What's New in Version 6.1.6

What's New in Version 6.1.4

What's New in Version 6.1.2

What's New in Version 6.1.0



What's New in Version 6.2.18


Control Panel


When creating an SD card, a new option allows you to write the files to a folder you specify, rather than directly to the SD card.

Increased the maximum comm port number that can be assigned to an LOR network from COM16 to COM255.




Added optional keyboard mapping to subdivide timings.

In Preview Design, added "Create New Group" and "Create Group With Same Members" to the right-click menu for the design canvas, so that it is consistent with the right-clicking on the item list. Updated menu text when copying a group so that it is clear you will be duplicating group members.

Bug fix: prevent creation of a motion effect where both the left and right effect are a Movie effect for the same movie. Such effects would lock up the Sequencer.

Bug fix: When icons are used to draw motion effects in the sequence grid, the effects are drawn with an outline. The outline was being drawn 1 pixel to the left of where it should have been.

Bug fix: when using motion effects on a group of Dumb RGBW props, the blue channel was being copied to the white channel.

Hardware accelerated graphics was added to the Prop Definition screen in version 6.2.16 to improve performance. This caused issues with second generation Intel Core processors with onboard graphics. In this version, an option has been added to turn off accelerated graphics under Tools > Sequencer Preferences > Start Up tab.

A few GIF files were playing faster in the Sequencer than they do in a web browser. Now they will be played at the same speed as a web browser.



What's New in Version 6.2.16


Control Panel


Show startup triggers and interactive group triggers can now be invoked via the REST API or an OSC message.

If the Network Log or Player Log windows have gotten lost behind other windows or minimized, clicking their respective buttons in the Control Panel will bring them to the foreground.

Bug fix: If the startup trigger for a show was changed, the text in the list of shows did not reflect the update.

Bug fix: Movie and SuperStar effects shrink when played from the Show Player if Windows scaling is above 100%. Did NOT affect playback from the Sequencer.

Bug fix: in the Show Player, upcoming shows that display as scheduled for "Tomorrow" don't get updated to "Today" when the date changes.

Bug fix: option to only display the video window when sequences with video media are playing (added in 6.2.14) didn't work for override sequences in the Show Player or cue list items in the Live Player.




Props can now be a picture in your preview - useful for representing blow-molds and plywood cutouts.

For preview groups with a custom arrangement, increased the maximum value for Left and Top from 100 to 9999.

You now have finer-grained control over the Bulb Size setting in the Motion Effect Generator. You can also make bulbs smaller than was possible in prior versions.

Bug fix: in the Motion Effect Generator's Palette Management screen, adding a new palette and then clicking the Select button did not save the list of palettes to disk (only clicking the Close button saved the palettes).

Bug fix: on the Channel Conflicts & Bulk Changes tab in Preview Design, changing the LOR unit id for the selected props resulted in them showing both the old and new unit id in the String Summary tab.

Bug fix: after right-clicking on an entry in the Previews window and selecting New Musical or New Animation sequence, the program now checks that only 1 preview is selected.

Bug fix: on the Statistics tab in Preview Design, the section for # of channels in each LOR network is now sorted by LOR network name.

Bug fix: Moving Shapes motion effect did not render colors correctly when there were 2 or more of these effects in a row.

Bug fix: right after double-clicking on an effect in the sequence grid, if you moved the mouse over a different grid cell, the wrong grid cell could be modified.

Bug fix: on pixel props with the Star shape, the starting location for a motion effect would depend on the "Starting Location" setting for the prop (top or bottom). A new parameter has been added: "Effects start at: (0=start location, 1=bottom)". Its value will default to 0 in order to maintain compatibility with existing effects. However, setting it to 1 will cause all motion effects on the star to move the same way, regardless of starting location. The Stars Nested shape had the same issue and was fixed the same way.

Bug fix: In the Motion Effect Generator, click on the effect dropdown, then use the keyboard to highlight a different effect, then click off of the list. The dropdown reflected the new effect, but the old effect was still playing.



What's New in Version 6.2.14


Control Panel


Added a new option to Video Settings that wil only display the video window when sequences with video media are playing. This makes video playback behave the same way as the S5 Show Player.

Show Verifier now checks for channel conflicts between background sequences and the main sections of the show (LOEDIT files only, LMS/LAS files are not checked).

Added new show startup option that will start the show in a paused state. This was added to support third party tools. It is not intended for normal use.

If a show has a start trigger, the Current Show status will now display "Waiting for start trigger" until the trigger occurs.

Bug fix: PUT operations in the Rest API did not work. Also enabled Swagger UI to make it easier to test the API.




Motion effects:

oAdded Rotation, Arms, Pattern, and New Star Location parameters to the Starfield effect.

oAdded 2 Metaball options to the "Color Mode" parameter of the Moving Shapes effect. Also added a Metaball Edge parameter.

Motion Rows

oIn the Manage Motion Effect Rows dialog, added the ability to combine 2 or more existing subsections into a new subsection.

oIncreased the maximum number of motion effect rows per prop from 600 to 1000.

Added support for "skip node wiring" in the Icicle shape.

Bug fixes:

oBug fix: Rendering picture effects could crash the Sequencer (rare).

oBug fix: certain GIF files were not displayed correctly.

oBug fix: in the Twinkle effect when the mode was set to "twinkle" or "pulse" and layout was set to "random", density didn't change when it was ramped.

oBug fix: the Moving Shapes effect did not correctly handle color transitions in the palette.

oRegression: you could not edit a Hold effect in the sequence grid. The Motion Effect Generator would show None instead of Hold.

oBug fix: cached copies of effects were used where the effect was actually a continuation of the previous effect (cache should not be used in this case).

oBug fix: after going into Manage Motion Effect Rows and changing a subsection, clicking an effect on the modified motion row would not reflect the updated subsection definition in the playback window.

oBug fix: it was possible to lock up the Sequencer from Manage Motion Effect Rows by deleting and adding rows during the same session.

oBug fix: deleting rows in Manage Motion Effect Rows did not delete the rows from the sequence grid.

oBug fix: motion rows that were based on a custom subsection had the bottom and left boundaries set incorrectly. This caused some motion effects to render incorrectly on such rows.




Added support for Auto Sequencing of the Light-O-Rama Singing Pumpkins



What's New in Version 6.2.12




New Mystify effect - like the old Microsoft screen-saver.

In the ColorWash effect, there are 2 new modes: "Color Cycle" and "Color Cycle Return".

In the 3 Text effects, color selection has been simplified for foreground and background colors. Also, a "More Colors" button allows selection of any color using the Windows color picker.

Added "Width" parameter to the Meteors effect.

Previously, if there was no sequence open when you opened the Motion Effect Generator, the effect duration would be fixed at 5 seconds. In this situation, you can now change the duration and the program will remember your selection.

Bug fix: in the Sketch effect, the Extend menu item wasn't always enabled at the appropriate time.

Regression: if you click on a motion effect, the playback window displays this motion effect and the brightness adjustment for the background is correctly disabled. In 6.2.10, if you then clicked play (using a play button or space bar) the brightness adjustment remains disabled.  The only way to re-enable the background brightness slider was to switch sequence tabs or close the program. This has been fixed and the brightness slider is now enabled at the appropriate times.

Bug fix: props with string type "Dumb RGBW" were not shown in the preview window when the sequence was playing. Also, the color sample in the sequence grid was incorrect.

Bug fix: slider transitions in the mix area could have the wrong initial value. This was visible after adding a motion effect to a sequence, but would be corrected after the sequence was re-opened. See this forum post for a screen shot and explanation: https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56849-text-reveal-problem-in-6210/

Regression: after double-clicking on a slider in the Motion Effect Generator, the start position was not being maintained.

Changing effect parameters in the Motion Effect Generator while it is paused or finished playing are now visible on the effect.

Regression: Hold effects were being cached, which could result in incorrect rendering.

Regression: unable to select a color or transition from the Effects Samples Window to apply to the sequence grid. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56857-color-or-transition-selection-from-effect-samples-window-isnt-working-as-before/

Bug fix: In the Straight Lines effect, the Up Left, Up Right, Down Right, and Down Left directions didn't work when Line Count was less than the maximum (infinite).

Regression: in the New Musical Sequence dialog, the custom interval was incorrectly displayed.





Fixed a bug where Instant Sequence did not apply movement to morph themes if there was only one row or column in the sequencing grid. It also was not reversing direction of full length morphs if there was only one row or column in the sequencing grid.



What's New in Version 6.2.10




Bug fix: After inserting a new movie effect, the Sequencer would hang (the calculation indicator would spin forever).

Sketch effect:

oAdded new check box "Change multiple groups". When checked and you select multiple groups, Group Settings will remain enabled and any changes you make will be applied to all selected groups.

oBug fix: the speed setting only worked on the first group.

oBug fix: color boxes are now grayed out when the Group Setting area is disabled.

oBug fix: the Scale and Rotate dialog could open off-screen.

Bug fix: sequence grid icons for the Audio motion effect were often empty.

In the Motion Effect Generator:

oReinstated the loop toggle button

oYou can now hover over a color button and the RGB value of the color will pop up. The mirror check boxes also now display a tooltip.

oBug fix: After double-clicking on a motion effect in the sequence grid, the Motion Effect Generator would display the preview name in place of the prop or group name.

oBug fix: the left and right effects would sometimes not play in sync.This did not affect sequence grid playback.

Bug fix: closing a sequence while a huge picture effect was being processed could cause the Sequencer to hang until the picture processing had finished.

Regression: The loading of GIF images for picture motion effects in 6.2.x versions was slow, especially for GIFs with hundreds of frames. Performance has been restored to the level of 6.1.10 and earlier.

Regression: In version 6.2.8, when controlling lights on an LOR network that was not enhanced,  the Sequencer would only control lights the first time the sequence was played.



What's New in Version 6.2.8




Added new Sketch motion effect. Draw your own design and animate it!

Added a Progress parameter to the Curtain effect, which gives more control over the curtain in fit-to-duration mode.

Sequencer performance improvements: modifying a motion effect can result in shorter recalculation times. On a prop with many existing motion effects, the time could be much shorter. Sequences with motion effects may also load faster.

In the Motion Effect Generator:

oadded a new mix mode called Mix Alpha Left Color Right. It takes the alpha (transparency) value from the left effect and the color (RGB) information from the right side. Try it with a Twinkle effect on the left, and a static (non-moving) effect on the right.

othe Loop and Play buttons have been combined into a single Play / Pause button.

othe progress bar is now continuously displayed, and has been made thinner.

oclicking on the icon at the end of a slider no longer displays a drop down menu. Now you are taken directly to the Customize Transition window where you can adjust all aspects of the slider transition. A new transition has been added called "Linear Hold". Previously, you only had control over when a transition ended; now you have control over when it starts and when it ends. For transitions that oscillate, you now have much more control over the oscillation frequency.

oYou can now copy a comma-separated list of HTML-formatted colors from a web page (like those available at https://www.colourlovers.com/palettes) and paste that into Palette Management to create a new palette.

oto copy an effect in the favorites area, you used to right-click on a favorite and drag it to another location in the tree. To make this behavior consistent with other Windows apps like File Explorer and MS Word, holding the Control key down while dragging with the left mouse button will create a copy going forward.

Updated xLights circle model import to conform with latest xLights format.

In Preview Design's Design tab, you can no longer move individual pixels on props with an Advanced Shape by default. There is a new item on the Edit menu to unlock the individual pixels.

Tweaked how the bend parameter is incorporated into the Pinwheel effect. Now the bend parameter can go through its full range of values without a discontinuity in the pinwheel shape.

In the Previews window, the delete key is now a shortcut for the delete button.

You can now set a default smooth to fades level that will be used when creating a new sequence. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56715-624-small-level-change-error/

On the sequence grid toolbar, tabbing into the min or max intensity fields now selects the existing value so you can immediately type a new value.

When editing the light placement for a custom prop:

othe screen now displays the range of numbers currently used, as well as any duplicate numbers, allowing you to quickly identify any errors in the numbering.

oadded the ability to renumber the layout with a specified number of pixels per string

oadded the ability to reverse the pixel order

oadded the ability to convert the numbers in the layout to all 1's so it can be used with traditional lights.

Bug fix: the Sequencer could sometimes lock up while processing Movie and SuperStar effects. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56722-626-installed-testing-started/

Bug fix: In the Sequencer's Effect Samples window, motion effect images did not reflect the mirror settings.

Bug fix: any keys typed into the Previews, Control Lights, or Effect Samples window no longer have any effect on the currently open sequence.

Bug fix: creating a grid view group could sometimes crash the Sequencer..

Bug fix: In some situations, the Moving Shapes effect did not use the first selected color on the palette.

Bug fix: GIF animations with fast moving content were not played at the correct speed since version 6.2.0. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56754-s6-issue-with-animated-gif-files-in-my-matrix/

Bug fix: if you had back-to-back Snowflake effects on the same motion effect row, the second effect would not render correctly. Fire, Fireworks, Meteors, and Twinkle had the same issue.

Bug fix: Motion effects that had parameters that varied with the music volume were displayed correctly in the Playback window, but not in the Motion Effect Generator. The sequence grid icons for such effects were also incorrect.

Bug fix: clicking the "Save Image" button on the Prop Layout window resulted in an empty file.

Bug fix: the "wave outline" and "wave fill" options of the Audio motion effect did not display on props that were 1 pixel high (like arches and roof lines), or props that were 1 pixel wide (like firesticks).




Bug fix: after clicking on the "record voice" button in singing faces:

oif the main audio file is mono advise that it must be stereo.

oif there is no microphone connected advise that there is no microphone connected.



What's New in Version 6.2.6




Bug fix: possible crash after inserting, copying, or pasting a SuperStar or Movie effect. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56716-s624-sequencer-superstar-insertcoppaste-error-or-bug/

Bug fix: the Fire motion effect with style=fire2 was generating internal errors on props with a pixel height of 1.

Bug fix: the TextPE motion effect was generating internal errors when the text field was empty

If a motion effect or SuperStar effect was partially selected and then you right-click and select Prompt For New Effect > Modify (shift-M shortcut), you were allowed to pick/create a new effect; but after clicking OK you would get an error stating "No effects were changed. Effects to be changed must be completely contained within the selection box." Now you will get that error message up front, before wasting time selecting a new effect.

SuperStar effects will now always be displayed with the white/gray color scheme, even when the Sequencer Preference is set to display motion effects with icons.



What's New in Version 6.2.4




Added a Bell shape to Simple Shape, Moving Shapes, and Starfield effects

Added a new style to the existing fire effect that is more realistic.

Added a new tool-tip preference to display RGB channel values as percentages instead of 0 to 255.

Bug fix: The Sequencer could sometimes get stuck while rendering SuperStar and/or Movie effects.

Bug fix: Some extended characters (e.g. music notes) were not being rendered in the Text effect.

Bug fix: The Sequencer could crash while calculating the audio spectrogram (rare).

Bug fix: When the Sequencer starts it tries to detect the level of OpenGL (graphics) support, and if inadequate, displays a warning message. The detection logic has been adjusted -- as it was not working for some users with Intel HD 520 graphics.

Bug fix: When files are changed by an external program in the \Light-O-Rama\CommonData folder, a warning message is displayed in the Sequencer. In prior versions, this message would be displayed even if the file that changed was not used by the Sequencer (e.g. a backup copy of the preview file). Now only files actually used by the Sequencer will generate a warning.

Bug fix: Fixed rounding errors that caused red, green, and blue values in an RGB channel to sometimes be off by 1.

Bug fix: In some situations, the preview list in the Motion Effect Generator could end up showing multiple copies of every preview.

When displaying a protected sequence, the supplementary text is now wrapped to fit the Sequencer window.


Control Panel


Added a REST API to the Control Panel so that third party tools can integrate with it. There is a new tab in Settings called Integration that has options for controlling the REST API. By default, access to the Control Panel via the REST API is disabled. The REST API is a new feature and is subject to change. It will be finalized in a subsequent release.

OSC settings were moved to Settings > Integration.



What's New in Version 6.2.2


Performance of some motion effects degraded in 6.2.0, but are now restored to 6.1.10 levels. Performance of these motion effects were restored: Butterfly, ColorWash, Curtain, Fire, Fireworks, Garland, Marquee, Meteors, Scanner, SingleBlock, Snowflakes, Spirals, Twinkle, Wave

Bug fix: When registering online from the Sequencer, then clicking on the link to the store, the Sequencer would crash if there was no internet connection.

Bug fix: In version 6.2.0, sometimes SuperStar effects would not display in the Playback window.

When the Control Panel is in Demo Mode, the Networks page no longer hides any existing  network settings. Networks that are not supported by your current license level will include an error message.

When applying Ctrl-D (fade down existing effect) or Ctrl-U (fade up existing effect) to an RGB channel in the sequence grid, these 2 functions could increase the brightness of a color in some situations. Going forward, these functions will act as a cap on a color's brightness. There is no change in how Ctrl-D and Ctrl-U work on regular channel rows and motion effect rows.

New Misc tab in Control Panel settings includes options for "Show separate icons for musical and animation sequences in Recent Sequences" and "Include additional detail in program log". Disabling separate icons for musical and animation sequences can significantly improve the time it takes the Control Panel to open when the Light-O-Rama folder is on a network drive.

Bug fix: When motion row order was set to "Foreground layer on top" or "Foreground layer on bottom", props displayed as members of a group did not get displayed with the specified order.

Bug fix: In 6.2.0, chasing across RGB channels with a color fade was broken.



What's New in Version 6.2.0


This version includes a new sample sequence located at: "\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Samples\LOR 6.2.0 Motion Effects.loredit"




You can now display motion effects in the sequence grid using icons. Each icon is specific to the unique effect - reflecting its palette and settings.

Select this option from Sequencer Preference's Motion Effect tab.



Increased the maximum row height in the sequence grid, so motion effect icons are easier to see.

New "?" icon in the Motion Effect Generator. Clicking on it will display help for the currently selected effect.

Added ability to enter numeric values for sliders in the Motion Effect Generator

In the Motion Effect Generator: added ability to change effect brightness with the volume of the music. This can be applied to any effect.

Added new motion row order preference of "unstructured". This allows you to arrange motion rows in any order (like the S5 Sequencer). When set to unstructured, motion rows can be placed into grid view groups.

When right-clicking on a motion row name in the sequence grid, there are 2 new menu options: "Add Motion Effect Row" and "Subdivide into Sections". This allows you to perform these functions without having to go into Manage Motion Rows first, saving a few mouse clicks.

When creating motion rows using the subdivide tool, if the number of rows or columns is 10 or more, they now get labeled with a leading 0.

In the Previews window, you can now select multiple previews using Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click, and then click the delete button to delete the selected previews all at once.

Renamed "Use This Prop (or Group) For Thumbnails" to "Use This Prop (or Group) in the Effect Samples Window". This is on the menu you see after right-clicking on a prop name or motion row name in the sequence grid.

In Preview Design, added the ability to create a new group with the same members as another group..Right-click on a group in the Design tab's item list and select "Create Group With Same Members".

Cell size is now remembered when editing a prop with a Custom shape.

Alternate node pixel wiring is now supported on the following shapes: Tree 90, Tree 180, Tree 270, Tree 360 Wedges, Matrix-Horizontal-Quad, Matrix-Horizontal-Rectangle, Matrix-Vertical-Quad, Matrix-Vertical-Rectangle, Cylinder, Sphere, Fan, and Spokes

Bug fix: after right-clicking on the design canvas in Preview Design, the formatting items were missing from the pop-up menu (regression).

Bug fix: the Sequencer could crash when editing a preview group with arrangement of "V Stack, H Fill" or "H Stack, V Fill".

Bug fix: After copying a prop or group in Preview Design, the default motion rows for the new prop or group did not have the correct internal identifier. This in turn caused merging motion effect rows in a sequence to produce duplicate motion rows.

Bug fix: shift/+ shortcut now invokes Repeat Last Paste (key to the left of Backspace on US keyboards). Previously only the "+" key on the numeric keypad would invoke this shortcut.

Bug fix: When drawing a string In Preview Design, you could not add line segments that were perfectly horizontal or perfectly vertical.


Motion Effects


Added new Plasma motion effect

Added new Hatch Pattern effect.

Added new Morph effect

Added new Starfield motion effect.

Added new Moving Shapes motion effect.

Added new diagonal direction options to Bars, Blended Bars, and Straight Lines: up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right

Added support for horizontal and vertical mirroring of motion effects.

Added smooth text option to the Countdown effect.

Wave motion effect changes:

onew square, triangle, and sawtooth wave shapes, in addition to sine waves.

onew "fit to duration" option.

onew "phase shift" option.

SimpleShape effect changes:

orenamed "oval" shape to "circle". Also renamed "octogon" to "octagon" to fix spelling.

ousing a picture file is now enabled by a check box.

oadded "Snowflake" and "X" shapes.

oadded "Outline Smooth" color mode (existing "Outline" mode is jagged).


Control Panel


If Windows Media Player was not installed, version 6.1.10 of the Control Panel would start up very slowly. This has been fixed. When this situation is detected, shows are disabled and there is a new message on the Play Shows screen that Windows Media Player is not installed.

In the Create Shows list, show duration and the Active switch have swapped positions. This makes it harder to accidentally click on the Active switch when double-clicking on an entry to edit it.



What's New in Version 6.1.10


Control Panel


Bug fix: LOR channels that are off at the beginning of a sequence did not get set to off when written to an SD card (for networks that were not enhanced).

Bug fix: For props with traditional lights and no dimming curve, the value sent to the lights from the Show Player was 1 less than the value shown in the sequence grid. This had a big effect on CCR Macro channels. DMX intensity effects were unaffected. LMS and LAS files were also unaffected.

Fixes for Show Player stopping due to a Media Player error.

Added Cut, Copy, Paste to playlists (in Show Creation and SD Cards). These functions are available as buttons above the playlist, as well as on the right-click menu.

Added automatic "Scroll to bottom" option in the Network and Player log screens.




Bug fix: selecting Assign Different Preview from the menu caused the Sequencer to crash (regression). https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56516-minor-glitch-with-618/

The Sequencer now checks the OpenGL version before opening any OpenGL windows and displays a warning message if needed (instead of crashing because OpenGL drivers were inadequate). https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56514-minor-bug-cant-open-sequencer-due-to-video-limitation-no-warning-message/

Bug fix: in Palette Management, changing the palette order by clicking the move up/down buttons could cause a crash.



What's New in Version 6.1.8


Control Panel


Bug fix: if a media player error occurred during a show, show playback would sometimes freeze until the "skip current song" button was pressed. The most common media player error was identified as "0xC00D11B1" in the Player Log. This fix does not reduce the number of times a media player error might occur, only how the error is handled.

Bug fix: when recovering from a media player error, the video window would be recreated but the "full screen" setting would be ignored.

Added new video settings that allow the user to specify when the video window should be displayed.

Fixed loading and saving of Override Sequences (regression).

Show playback is now paused if the computer goes to sleep, and is resumed when the computer wakes up. These system events are now noted in the Player Log.

Bug fix: if playback file creation fails (e.g. the media file isn't found), the sequence is not included in the show.

Bug fix: the Extend Show function was not working, whether invoked from the computer or from the mobile app.

Added show shutdown option: shutdown immediately or after current song. "After current song" is the default, but "shutdown immediately" might be useful if you have a filler sequence at the end of a show.




Bug fix: changing the starting location for a pixel prop wasn't updating groups where it was a member. This caused motion effects on the groups to display the wrong output after changing the prop (until the Sequencer was restarted).

Bug fix: props with a single motion row could not be dragged to a new location in the sequence grid

Fixed issue when rendering the Audio effect with the Waveform option to a prop that is 1 pixel wide or 1 pixel high.

Added support for importing poly-line models from xLights.



What's New in Version 6.1.6


Control Panel


Limited log files to a total of 3 files of 5 MB each (15 MB total)

Added a "Refresh" button to the screen where you select your SD card. Normally this screen should automatically update the list of available cards, but in case it doesn't, you now have a way to update the list.

If a media file cannot be found while playing a show, the log will now list the name of the sequence and the full path to the media file, instead of a generic message. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/56155-minor-nitfeature-request/

While playing a show, sequences that fail to play 5 times in a row will be removed from the show. Shows that have no more sequences to play due to errors will be shut down. These events will be noted in the player log. Note that the sequences are not permanently removed from a show, only from the current running of the show.

Fixed creation of show files and SD cards for DMX networks when using an Advanced license.




Bug fix: when using the mouse to select cells in the beat channel section of the sequence grid, the selection would jump between rows. This only happened when the waveform was displayed. Also, when using the mouse to select cells in the main section of the sequence grid, the grid would not auto-scroll upwards if you dragged into the beat channel section.

Increased maximum number of spokes in the Spoke shape from 50 to 100.

Fixed potential crash when importing online props into a preview.

Fixed possible crash in File > Save A Copy.




If the name of a Text Action or Image Action had a character that wasn't from the standard US keyboard (e.g. a degree symbol or accented letter), it prevented the Sequencer from saving the sequence.



What's New in Version 6.1.4


Control Panel


Bug fix: in Create Shows, saving a show that has a schedule entry that ends exactly at midnight no longer generates an error.

Bug fix: in the Show Player, a show could briefly start back up after it is finished playing.

Bug fix: in the Settings section: clicking the "Change Light-O-Rama Folder Location" button would cause an error.

Bug fix: when editing an SD card show, some fields on the screen were not populated correctly. Fields with incorrect data included play type and schedule type.

Bug fix: the media player will be recreated any time there is a media error. This should allow the show to keep playing after a transient error.

Bug fix: fixed text* motion effects so that they always render at 96 dpi. The Control Panel was creating playback files using the dpi of the primary display, which only created correct files when Windows scaling for the primary display was set to 100%.

In Live Player, the "+" button now inserts cues after the selected row, making it easier to add cues anywhere in your list.

Bug fix: In Live Player, if there is a cue that is currently playing, clicking the Play Next button will play the cue after the one that is currently playing, regardless of selection. Otherwise it will play the cue after the one that is selected.

Bug fix: In Live Player, it is no longer possible to edit the cue list while a cue is playing.

Bug fix: shows that only contain a background section or an interactive section can now be played.

Bug fix: in Create Shows, opening a show and then clicking the Cancel button after not making any changes, would result in a "Unsaved changes" message.

Bug fix: the list of upcoming shows now displays correctly when there is an on-demand show with start and/or end times.

An on-demand show is now identified with a "!" in the upcoming shows list.




Bug fix: When adding or editing a motion effect in the Motion Effect Generator, the music played to the end of the song instead of to the end of the selection.

Bug fix: Fixed incorrect rendering of Curtain effect when Movement set to chase, Repeat mode set to Once fit to duration, and Speed set to 0.

Bug fix: Spaces were sometimes removed when editing Text motion effects.

Bug fix: In the playback window, channel effects would sometimes turn on 50 milliseconds before motion effects, even though programmed to come on at the same time.

Increased the maximum number of motion effect rows from 100 to 600 to accommodate high density props like the GE Rosa Grande.

Added support for keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs in the Sequencer. Ctrl+Tab forward, Ctrl+Shift+Tab backward. Same shortcuts used in most web browsers.

Added "Motion effect start (0=back, 1=left)" parameter to Sphere and Cylinder shapes.

Added support for tilting mouse wheel to scroll left/right in: sequence grid, preview design, wiring view, and playback windows.




Fixed a bug. The progress dialog box was counting image mask actions as text actions

Optimized image masks and text masks to only compile if they are within the time range we are compiling. Before it was compiling all of them regardless.

Fixed a bug where 16 channel AC controllers using DMX were not working. The bug was caused by rgbOrderOffset not getting initialized properly.

Fixed a bug where if you select an image on one row, then right click on a different image row and select "insert current image into imageAction effect" then it inserts the image on the row you first clicked on.

Added "Unselect All Left, Unselect All Right, and Unselect All" to the "Edit" menu


Mobile App


Added support for starting on demand shows and override sequences. This requires your computer to be running version 6.1.4 or later.



What's New in Version 6.1.2


Hardware Utility


Fix device file not found error.


Control Panel


Bug fix: in Create Shows, unable to reorder sequences in a playlist when the playlist contained more than one instance of the same sequence.

Bug fix: in the Show Player, shows sometimes briefly started back up after they finished.

Bug fix: when creating SD cards for regular LOR networks (not enhanced), fade effects on the card changed intensity much more slowly than specified by the effect.

Bug fix: when creating SD cards for regular LOR networks (not enhanced), the last effect in the sequence was not getting written to the card.

Bug fix: when creating SD cards, turn lights off at end was not working.

Bug fix: when creating SD cards, animation sequences resulted in a write error when used as starter or filler sequences.




Bug fix: when pasting into the text box for Text, TextPE, and TextXY motion effects, only plain text (no formatting) will be included. In earlier versions of S6, pasting from MS Word included font size information that overrode the font size slider.

Bug fix: Text, TextPE, and TextXY motion effects with multiple spaces in a row would only show a single space on the prop.

Bug fix: in Preview Design's Channel Conflicts tab, the Start Channel column was showing "LOR Regular, Unit 01, Circuit 1" for every conflict.

Bug fix: in the Prop Definition dialog, the simulated prop drawing in the lower half of the Shape section didn't refresh appropriately when resizing the window.

Spinner motion effect enhancement:

oadded new style "pinwheel_3"

oadded new color modes "fade_inner" and "fade_outer".

ocolor mode "Fade_3d" was renamed "fade_both". One difference: where "Fade_3d" always displayed a single color, "fade_both" maintains the colors displayed in "color_per_arm" mode. If only 1 color is selected, the old "Fade_3d" and the new "fade_both" will display the same thing. If more than 1 color is selected, the new "fade_both" will give you a look that was not achievable in prior versions.



What's New in Version 6.1.0


Initial production release of the S6 Light-O-Rama Software Suite.


Big Changes


Many functions that used to be separate programs are now part of the Control Panel. This includes:


oDefining your lighting networks (previously done in Network Preferences)

oMonitoring the status of those networks (previously done in the Comm Listener)

oCreating shows (previously done in the Show Editor)

oChecking if there are any issues with the show (previously done in the Verifier)

oScheduling shows (previously done in the Schedule Editor)

oPlaying shows (previously done in the Show Player)

oCreating SD cards for Light-O-Rama Director units (previously done in the Hub)


There is a new phone app, available for Android, iPhone, and iPad, that allows your phone to communicate with the Control Panel




Registering your software is done from the new Control Panel.

The Startup and Shutdown sections of shows are now available at all license levels.

Show On Demand is now available at all license levels.

Using calendar dates when creating a show schedule is now available at all license levels.

Your license is also used when logging into the phone app.


Control Panel


Access the Hardware and ServoDog Utilities.

Access the PixCon16 configuration tool.

Find PixieLink controllers on the network.

Network Preferences and network status are combined onto a single page. The network log can be displayed in a separate window if desired (similar to the Comm Listener window, but nicer)

Test lights - test a preview, a group of channels, or a group of pixels

Access the Sequencer - with a view similar to the Sequencer's Start Page.

Edit, verify and schedule shows. Length of each sequence and total duration of the show are displayed.

When playback is disabled, you can pick 1 of 2 playback modes: Show Player (traditional playback), Live Player (jukebox playback).

The new Show Player allows the queue of upcoming sequences to be manipulated by the user.

The new Show Player allows a set of "Override Sequences" to be defined and inserted into the queue at any time (for example "Clear out please" announcements).

The new "Live Player" mode puts you in control of playing your show. It works like a jukebox and makes using Light-O-Rama sequences in live performances much easier.

Create SD cards for your mini- or MP3 Director.

Click the cloud icon in the title bar to enable or disable your cloud connection, which is used by the phone app. A cloud icon with a "!" in it means the computer is connected to the cloud, but the phone app is not connected to the cloud. When the phone app connects, the icon will show a check mark inside.

Album art is displayed beside a musical sequence if the media file contains such an image.

The new Control Panel behaves like a regular Windows program. It does NOT minimize to the system tray.

Sequence playback uses a new file format. This should allow sequences to start playing more quickly and use less memory. S4/5 compressed sequences (LCS) and intensity data (LID) files are no longer used.


Hardware Utility


The tabs for "Digital IO Boards" and "X10 CM11A" have been removed.

The SD card creator remains, but can only use LMS and LAS files. The ability to use LOREDIT files here has been removed.

The Light Console and Pixel Console remain, even though these functions have been recreated in the new Control Panel.




The right-click menu for the waveform has been removed, although this menu is still available by right-clicking on the yellow timeline. Also, the ability to drag across the waveform to zoom in has been removed. Double-clicking on the waveform now opens the Audio Settings panel.

Empty grid view groups are now automatically deleted.

Added new item to the timeline's right-click menu: Zoom To Play Range.

Added new shortcuts: Ctrl-A to set max intensity and Ctrl-I to set min intensity. These are the counterparts to Ctrl-U and Ctrl-D. Ctrl-A will no longer select all, but you can use R followed by C to accomplish that.

The "T" shortcut key will now add a timing mark wherever the pointer is located if there is no selection in the sequence grid and playback is stopped. You can clear the selection by clicking in the waveform area.

On the right-click menu, "Add/Modify Motion Effect Rows" is now "Manage Motion Effect Rows"

Motion rows are now only displayed in the order in which they are rendered. You can no longer drag a motion row anywhere in the sequence grid. Row order is modified using the "Manage Motion Effect Rows" menu item.

The first column in the Manage Motion Effect Rows dialog now identifies the foreground and background rows.

On the Sequencer Preferences "Startup" tab there is a new option: Use default window arrangement at startup. A few users with multiple monitors had problems with the way the Sequencer remembered the position of its windows - sometimes causing a crash the next time the Sequencer started. This gives those users a reliable way to start the Sequencer every time.

The playback marker style can now be set by right-clicking on the timeline, as well as in Sequencer Preferences. For users that change the playback marker style fairly often, and this allows them to do that more quickly.

Converted the "Carryover" column to "End Unit / End Circuit" in Prop Definition.

Previously, setting a dimming curve in Prop Definition only applied to ELOR and DMX networks. They now also work on regular LOR networks (not enhanced).

Added option to Preview Design's Layout View to save it as a PNG image file. You can then open the PNG image in MS Paint or similar programs and print to multiple pages. This is helpful for layouts that are wider than 1 page.

Typing the right-arrow key after a paste will now keep you on the first row of the selection. So you can do multiple pastes with Ctrl-V, Arrow-right, Ctrl-V, Arrow-right, Ctrl-V, Arrow-right, etc.

Updated the Statistics tab in Preview Design to include the number of channels in each LOR network. This can help you diagnose when a network is overloaded.

On Preview Design's Design tab, added "Create Group" to the item list's right-click menu.

Added a Snowflake shape in Prop Definition. This shape can be used to efficiently model pixel snowflakes and other props with radial symmetry. Motion effects that move left or right will spin around the snowflake.

Added Teal and Pink to the list of traditional colors in the Prop Definition screen.

When editing a prop with a custom shape, you can now shrink the size. This works well for coro props -- and the smaller size greatly improves performance.

Added FSEQ export to the File menu - only available with a PRO license.

There is now full support for dumb RGBW fixtures (4 channels). RGBW is sequenced as a regular RGB channel; but when output to lights, the white channel is set to the minimum of the red, green, and blue values, and then the red, green, and blue channels are reduced by the calculated white value. In Prop Definition, the RGB order setting affects the order of the first 3 channels; white is assumed to be the last channel.




Added enhanced singing face features. Eyes will now blink every 2-4 seconds. Bow/Star will illuminate when mouth is moving. Motion row defaults for Boscoyo type faces will automatically be added into the image list.

Added twinkle and shimmer to the smooth effects

Added Windows Font support in Text Setup dialog box. This allows text using any of the Windows system fonts. Bold, Italic, underline, and smoothing can be done for any of the fonts at any size.

 Added "Don't Use Music" feature in the Auto Sequence dialog box.

Added feature for image mode, double click in the green grid, or the preview and in addition to setting the current color for the pixel you clicked on, it sets all non-black to the current color.  This is to make it easy to change the color of all the pixels for a face element for the Boscoyo type faces.

Added the feature "Silhouette Mask Adjacent Effects Only." This enables you to have multiple image masks at the same place in the time ruler and have background and foreground effects that apply to the mask they are adjacent to.

Added support for image masks with smooth effects

Added ability to multi select images and delete them with the Image list "Delete" button

Added feature so Ctrl + double click will select all 4 colors in the color controls

Added support for the new 14 element LOR singing faces

Increased the maximum dimensions from 360x360 to 400x400

Fixed a bug in the Singing Faces Dialog box that pops up informing them about what image options the user should pick. The text for one of the cases was being truncated.

Fixed a bug where SSEdit.exe can crash if in the Image Setup dialog box you go to Large grid and then back to Standard grid.

Fixed a bug where if you import an image in a path that has an '&' character then when you go back to the sequencer and attempt to save the .loredit file the sequencer gets an error.

Fixed a bug in "Change Orientation" in the "Move or Scale Selected Effects" dialog box. The source width and height were interchanged when the preview was Horizontal. They now work as expected.

Fixed a bug where Instant Sequence would not create any effects if you double click to edit a sequence.

Fixed a bug where if launched from the Sequencer and you do "export to sequence editor" the .lms file can have missing channels if there are props in the Preview that have duplicate channel assignments.

Fixed a bug where if you are in horizontal orientation and you copy a portion of an image in Image mode, when you try to move the orange rectangle it doesn't move around properly.

Fixed a bug where if you copy a portion of an image in Image mode and do not press Esc key, then select an effect that is not and image action and do paste, the paste appears to do nothing because what it did was paste the portion of the image that was copied while in image mode. Fixed it by exiting "copy a portion of an image" mode if the graphic mode changes, or if the "copy" button is pressed.

Fixed a bug where if you have a group selected and load a .sup file then the code thinks there is still a group selected.

Fixed a bug where you can select a smooth effect and then select a smooth effect before the currently selected effect and the selection region in the time ruler becomes .05 seconds long

Fix some bugs in the "stop at edge" feature in the Text Setup dialog box. Large superstar fonts were going 3 pixels off the left edge.

If a Preview is horizontal and has more than 50 pixels per row then the Sequencing Grid was being displayed too large and you could not see the Preview.


New PixieLink Firmware Version 1.04


Firmware 1.04 has been released for the PixieLink to support a support module upgrade. It also fixes the 141 fatal error (TCPIP stack initialization failure) and fixes the 17 Mbps speed option.