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Create Shows


The "Create Shows" section of the Control Panel is used to create, edit, schedule, and verify shows.  A show is a group of sequences that will be played together. They can be played using the Show Player.


A list of 4 shows and their associated schedules

A list of 4 shows and their associated schedules


Each show in the list displays the show's name and some information about its schedule. Hovering your mouse over the schedule information will show more details in a tool tip.




Each show can be active or inactive. Only active shows will be scheduled by the Show Player. However, you can still play inactive shows using Show On Demand. Setting a show active or inactive can be done directly from the list of shows, or it can be set while editing a show (in the Dates & Times section).


The buttons at the top right allow you to:


Add a new show

Edit the selected show. You can also do this by double-clicking on a show in the list.

Remove a show from the list



The menu button at the far right contains additional options:


Import a show

Update the playback readiness status



If a show is displayed with a red icon in front of its name, it indicates that the show file (LSS file extension) cannot be found. If the file has been renamed or moved, you can double-click on the item and you will be prompted for the new show file location.


The show file is missing for this show

The show file is missing for this show



Add Or Edit A Show


To add a new show, click the Add button in the heading.


To edit a show, select a show from the list so that it is highlighted, then click the Edit button in the heading. Alternatively, you can double-click on a show to immediately open the Edit Show dialog. If you double-click, be sure to avoid the Active toggle, or you might change its setting inadvertently.


Either action will open the Show dialog where you can assemble the playlist and set the show's schedule.



Remove A Show


To remove a show, select it from the list, then click the Remove button. This will permanently remove the show's schedule and playlists from your computer -- so use with caution!



Import A Show


Clicking on the "Import" button at the upper right will prompt you to select an LOR Show file (LSS file extension). Shows files were created in prior versions of the software using the Show Editor, or the LOR Hub's "Simple PC Show" function, or the older Simple Show Builder program. The Import function allows you to bring shows built with these older tools into S6. Once the show has been imported, it will be displayed in the Edit Show dialog.



Show Readiness


After you have created (or purchased) your sequences and put them into a show, there is still one more step before the show can be played: the show must be prepared for playback. Show readiness status is listed on the right side of the entry for each show.




There is a button, and then to its right is the status. Here is what the status messages mean:


Ready to play - the show has been prepared and is ready to play. There should be no delays when the show starts to play.

Errors: <number> - the number indicates the number of sequences that cannot be played for one reason or another. Edit the show, then go to the Verifier section to see any problems.

Needs prep: <number> - the number indicates the number of sequences that need preparation before they can be played. You can either:

ostart the preparation manually by clicking the button to the left of the status message, or

owait and let your show play, in which case the preparation will be done right before each sequence starts for the first time.


Preparing the Show



If there are sequences in a show  that need preparation, click this button to prepare them. The process will happen in the background so you can continue to use the Control Panel for other things. While preparation is running, the button will be replaced by a spinning icon and the status will change to a percentage, letting you know how far along the process is.


This picture shows preparation in progress, with the percent complete displayed:




How Long Does Preparation Take?


The length of time it takes to process a sequence depends on several factors including the length of the sequence, the number of channels it is controlling, the number of effects, and the speed of the computer. A 16 channel sequence can usually be processed in a few seconds. A long sequence for a display with thousands of pixels could take several minutes, or several hours, depending on its complexity.


How Often Does Preparation Need To Be Done?


A show needs to be prepared for playback any time one of these items change:


Sequences are added to the show

A sequence in the show is changed using the Sequencer

A preview for any of the sequences in the show is changed

In the Networks panel, an LOR network is changed from non-enhanced to enhanced (or vice versa).


The status shown in the list may not update automatically when any the above occurs. Therefore, you can use the "Update Status" button in the heading to get the latest status.