Comm Status Panel


In the bottom right corner of the Sequence Editor is a small colored square representing the status of various networks.  The color of the square varies with the status: Blue means everything is good, red means something is wrong, and orange means various miscellaneous other things (for example, Control Lights is disabled).  Hovering over the panel will bring up a tooltip giving more information; for example, hovering over it while it is red will bring up a tooltip listing which networks are down.


In the case of LOR enhanced networks and DMX, the status reflects whether or not the Sequence Editor is successfully communicating with the Comm Listener.  The Comm Listener is what is responsible for directly communicating with such networks, and the Sequence Editor's status panel does not necessarily indicate that the Comm Listener is doing so successfully.  Check the Comm Listener itself for that information.


At this time, only the statuses of LOR networks and DMX are taken into account; the statuses of other networks, such as Dasher, X10, Digital IO, and BSOFT Digital IO, are not reflected here.