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Light-O-Rama can control your lights via several different kinds of hardware controllers.  Primary among these, of course, are Light-O-Rama controllers, but all of the following types of controllers can be used:


Light-O-Rama controllers

Native DMX devices

Dasher controllers

Digital IO cards

BSOFT digital IO cards

X10 controllers


Most lighting effects (such as fading, twinkling, and shimmering) are only supported on Light-O-Rama controllers and native DMX devices.  Other controllers can only be turned on (to full brightness) or off.


When a channel is created in a sequence using the Sequencer, the kind of controller (known as "device type") can be assigned to it in a couple of ways:


In the Channel Settings dialog, accessible by left-clicking the channel's button or by selecting "Change Channel Settings" on the channel's right-click popup menu;

Via the Channel Configuration screen, accessible by selecting "Channel Configuration" in the Tools menu.


The Channel Settings dialog is most useful for changing a single channel, while the Channel Configuration screen is more useful for changing many channels at once.



The Channel Settings dialog



The Channel Configuration screen