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Clipboards are used to copy (or cut) and paste lighting effects from some channels (or RGB channels) to others.  In the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor, you can have multiple different clipboards at once, allowing you to keep several different copied sets of effects pastable simultaneously.  You can also save clipboards so that their contents will still be available to you even when you use the Sequence Editor again in the future, and lock clipboards so that they cannot be copied to (thus preventing accidental overwriting of their contents).


Clipboards can be managed through the Clipboards subpanel of the left-hand Tools Panel:



The Clipboards subpanel


See also the Paste Options subpanel, which allows you to control exactly how pasting will behave.


Adding New Clipboards


By default, the Sequence Editor has a single clipboard, as in the picture above.  However, the "Add New Clipboard" button can be used to quickly create multiple clipboards:



The Clipboards subpanel, with three clipboards


When multiple clipboards exist, you can select which one is currently in use simply by selecting the radio button to the left of its name.


Locking and Unlocking Clipboards


A clipboard can be locked or unlocked; a locked clipboard cannot be copied to (though it can still be pasted  from).  This is so as to prevent accidentally overwriting copied effects that you want to keep available.  If you attempt to copy to a locked clipboard, a beep will occur to alert you that something is amiss.


You can lock an unlocked clipboard by pressing the "unlocked" button to the right of its name; the button will then change to "locked":



A locked clipboard


To unlock a locked clipboard, press the "locked" button, which will then change to "unlocked".


Saving Clipboards


Clipboards can be saved for later use, so that their contents will be available to you whenever you use the Sequence Editor in the future; any saved clipboards will be automatically loaded for you when you start up the Sequence Editor.  To save a clipboard, right-click on the its name, which will open up a popup menu:



The clipboard popup menu


Select "Save Clipboard" from the popup menu; you will be prompted to give the clipboard a name (unless you have done so before), and the clipboard will then be moved to a different section in the top of the list of clipboards, in a different color, indicating that it is a saved clipboard:



Clipboards, with a saved clipboard


A clipboard will be automatically locked upon being saved; you can, of course, unlock it if you wish.  If you do unlock the clipboard, and make changes to it, the changes will automatically be resaved immediately, unless you turn off "Automatically Resave" in the Clipboard Preferences menu, in which case they will not be saved until the Sequence Editor closes, or until you select "Save Clipboard" again.


Renaming Clipboards, and Other Uses of the Popup Menu


The clipboard popup menu (for a clipboard that has not been saved) also gives you the ability to rename the clipboard, remove the clipboard from the list, and to lock or unlock the clipboard:



The clipboard popup menu


For a saved clipboard, the popup menu gives you the option to "unsave" the clipboard, thus moving it back into the "Other Clipboards" section (and making it so that the clipboard will not be automatically loaded the next time that you start the Sequence Editor), and to lock or unlock the clipboard.


Loading Clipboards


Any saved clipboard will be automatically loaded whenever you start the Sequence Editor.  However, if you had previously saved a clipboard, but had removed it from the saved list, you can later manually open it up again via the Clipboards subpanel's "Load Clipboard" button.


If you wish to reload the contents of a saved clipboard (for example, if a third party tool has changed the clipboard's save file outside of the Sequence Editor), this will automatically be done if "Automatically Reload" is checked on the Clipboard Preferences menu.  Otherwise, you can do so by selecting "Reload Clipboard" from the clipboard's popup menu.