Use Your Own Lights

Can I use minilights or that string of big bulbs found at the garage sale?

Already have plenty of  lights and want to animate them to music and video using Light-O-Rama technology?  No problem.

The above video is a classic case where thousands of existing lights were animated to bring life to what would have been a static display.  Christmas lights were purchased from ‘any store that was running a sale’ and the design elements were custom built.

At least one of our varied controllers can handle most any type of light or load you can dream of.  We do recommend for typical Christmas lights to use ones that are ‘dimmable’ to take full advantage of the available lighting effects.

Make sure your lights can me dimmed. Light-O-Rama high voltage AC controllers can dim any lights connected to them but a word of caution. Trying to dim ‘non-dimmable’ lights will greatly shorten the typical lifespan of the lights.


How many lights can a high voltage AC controller handle?

The number of lights you can control depends on the primary voltage available, the types of lights you have and how much current the lights consume.  Rap the button below for more details.

How many lights?

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