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Let's break things down.

You might have the controllers needed for your computer to flash the lights, move the robot or trigger the smoke machine, but how do you make all this happen exactly when you want it to?  We call it sequencing and it’s how you time exactly when you want a sequence of events to happen.

If you watch a typical display where the lights are dancing to the music you’ll notice the lights do the exact same pattern every time that particular piece of music is played.  The computer knows exactly when the music starts and from that it uses a detailed timeline to know when any specific light channel is turned on/off or does a special effect.  Here’s what a typical sequence looks like in the ShowTime Sequencing Suite Sequencer:


The timeline and a waveform representation of the audio run across the top.  The horizontal lines below them represent all of the electrical channels under your control.  On each channel line you determine the appropriate effect at a specific point in time.  Turn a channel on/off, fade it up/down over a few seconds, make it twinkle like a star or do all sorts of other effects.

If you love being in total control of exactly what your show will do, use out ShowTime Sequencing Suite.  It has all the tools needed to create something amazing.

Sequencing Suite


Don’t want to learn how to sequence?

If you just want the lights to flash with the music and don’t want to invest the time and effort to make it happen, we’ve done a lot of the work for you.  We have a special sequence store with hundreds of songs already sequenced for you.  You buy the music, link it to the sequence, sit back and dazzle your audience.

Sequence Store


What if you just want a plug-it-in and play-it-now system?

Don’t care for all the hard work?  We have something called ShowTime Central.  Plug it in to an existing Light-O-Rama light controller, connect some lights, tune your FM radio and watch the show.  We try really hard to make it easy.

ShowTime Central


Have a big or complicated project?

Light-O-Rama has official partners scattered around the world and they are more-than-willing to help.

Need some help? Light-O-Rama partners can help you being together just the right components to create a dazzling display. Tap into their expertise to save time and money.

Light-O-Rama Partners

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