Light-O-Rama wants you to be successful!

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Confused?  Looking for a little help?  We have you well covered.

Light-O-Rama is a bit like the Wizard of Oz.  We hide behind the curtain to control all your lights and special effects.  What you probably never thought about was the Wizard had spent a lot of time building Oz, knew how everything worked so he quickly fix things when something wasn’t quite right.

We have plenty of options to help you find the answers to your questions.  Whether it’s our help desk, tutorial videos or our very active forums, we’re here to make sure you’re successful.

Documentation Documentation:  Lost the manual that came with your Light-O-Rama product?  Thinking about buying something but want to get a sneak peak at all the details?  We’re pretty proud of our documentation and really want you to enjoy it.  You’ll be amazed at all the stuff you’ll learn just by reading through our fascinating manuals.  Will you see any of our work on the New York Times best seller list?  Probably not, but we’re trying hard.
FAQs FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions (aka: FAQs) are pretty standard in the Geek community.  We got the staff together and wrote on the white-board the questions we get asked a lot.  Presto.  Light-O-Rama had a list of FAQ’s.  We added a bit of technology so you can also type in a phrase to search for something.  Give it a try.
Firmware Firmware:  The hardware is the stuff you can touch.  The software is the stuff you can’t.  The firmware is the stuff that sits on the hardware so it knows how to talk to the software.  There might be cases where it makes sense to update the firmware on your Light-O-Rama product.
Help Desk Help Desk:  In the old days people would write us letters and we’d respond but the process was agonizingly slow and people got tired of buying postage stamps.  Along came email and we could respond faster to your questions but… emails could get lost and out of order leading to hi-tech chaos.  We now have our on-line help desk with technicians available all the time to answer your questions.  The b est part is we can keep track of all the little details so your questions are answered quickly.
Partners Partners:  We have certified partners scattered all around the world and there is usually one close to you.  They’re a great resource for pulling together those big projects and/or if -you need help with a problem.
Video Tutorials Tutorials:  They say a picture is worth a thousand worlds.  Our staff has taken that to heart and created some video tutorials, meaning one of our videos must be worth about a gazillion words.  We’re proud of them and you’ll find these videos huge time-savers.
Typical Setups Typical Setups:  Thee are a lot of different ways to piece Light-O-Rama components together to control your world.  We took the liberty of creating some typical setups to allow you to quickly see the big picture.
Forums User Forums:  We have some pretty smart engineers at Light-O-Rama but we’re proud to say we have some even smarter customers using our products.  We have a very active user community ready to answer questions and offer advice.  Checkout the Light-O-Rama forums and become a member.
  Consulting Consulting:  Got an over-the-top project and you’re not real sure where to start?  We’re here to help.  Between Light-O-Rama partners and our own in-house staff, we’ll make sure you’re successful.


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