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ShowTime Sequencing SuiteLight-O-Rama invests significant resources to keep our software current with all the features so our customers can stay creative and build great shows.  Here are some of the typical questions we hear along with quick answers.  Just click the question to reveal the answer.



What is this thing called ShowTime Sequencing Suite?

The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suite is our software package that allows you to build and control your show.  Start with creating the patterns of lights synchronized to your favorite songs, package them together into shows and then schedule the show for others to see.  Keep it simple or get very sophisticated.  The ShowTime Sequencing Suite provides the tools for you to control the show.  See more about the ShowTime Sequencing Suite here. 

What's the difference in Basic, Basic Plus, Standard, Advanced and Pro level licensing?

The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suite package is available at several different levels, depending on your needs.  Start simple with the Basic version that handles up to two Light-O-Rama controller unit IDs and progress to the Pro level that handles everything and is really good with smart pixels.  See a comparison of all the license levels here

Why should I renew my Light-O-Rama software license?

Your purchased software license will never expire so you can use the original version purchased for as long as you want. However our developers are always at work improving and adding new features. Renewing your license means you can download every new software version that is released within one year of your renewal date, or six “minor releases” above the software version available at the time of your renewal, whichever one comes later (meaning 1 year at minimum, you could get more than a year’s worth of upgrades). A minor release is middle number of our version numbers, like the “4” in version 5.4.2. For example, if you purchased a renewal when 5.1.0 was the latest version available, you would be eligible to download all versions of 5.7.x. Also, if you upgrade your license level, your license is automatically renewed!

If my email address has changed, how do I get my Light-O-Rama software license key resent?

If the email address used when the software was originally purchased is no longer available or you have forgotten what email addressed was used, contact the Light-O-Rama help desk.  Include as much information as possible about the original software order including: name, address with zip code, original email used and the approximate date of purchase.  Also include a contact telephone number.

I upgraded my software license but received a message saying my email address linked to the license cannot be found?

Contact the Light-O-Rama help desk.  Include as much information as possible about the original software order including: name, address with zip code, original email used and the approximate date of purchase.  Also include a contact telephone number.

How do I enter in my license key?

After placing  an order for software, you will receive an email that contains your user name and license key.  The user name and license key need to be entered into the software to activate features.  Start the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor, click Help then click Register or Update.  Follow the instructions on the registration form that appears.  Use the Windows copy/paste commands to make transferring the information from the email to the registration form a little easier.  After this is done the software will change from the current version to the version level of your key.

Must my PC be connected to the Internet to enter the key?

To automatically activate, the PC must be connected to the Internet to validate the key that was entered.  In the case that the PC cannot be connected to the Internet, you can use the “register off-line” selection on the registration screen.  The off-line registration screen will explain how to register off-line.  Once you have successfully registered, the ShowTime Sequencing Suite Software software will operate with the PC disconnected from the internet.

How long does the key take to arrive via email?

Online order processing for software is automated.  Most license keys are sent out via email within five minutes of an online order being made.  Depending on your  email system,  there may be some additional delay with your email provider.  About 5% of orders are flagged for manual checking (typically when there is a possibility of fraud.)  In these cases it might take up to one business day to verify the order and send out the key.

It has been 24 hours and my key has not arrived.

Some email providers incorrectly identify real emails as spam.   Check your spam folder to see if the email has been misclassified.  If possible, whitelist all email from our domain  It is VERY important that you do this, because if our first email was misclassified, there is a good chance that all subsequent emails will also be misclassified.  If you still do not receive an email within 24 hours the contact us at our help desk (see it to the right of this page) with the order details and a contact phone number.

I have lost my license key.

We urge people to keep a backup of their license keys.  However, if you lose your key and you still use the same email address used to purchase the software key then the online store can automatically send you a new key.  On the software page use the “Retrieve License” button.

Do I receive a software box or CD with my software order?

To reduce packaging, postage and handling costs, we distribute all of our software electronically, via downloads, with an emailed license key.  When you purchase the software or upgrade your current software you have an option (at additional cost) for a CD which will be mailed to you.

On how many computers can I install my Light-O-Rama software?

You can install our software on up to five (5) computers.

Can I give or sell my licensed Light-O-Rama software to someone else?

When buying Light-O-Rama software you are purchasing a license for your use only.  You cannot give or resell the license to anyone else.


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