Pixel Trees

Think tree of lights with moving patterns!

Smart pixels.  Any light, any color at any time.  Imagine a Christmas Tree created with smart pixel lights.  Here’s a simple one as provided by one of our customers.

Pixel Tree Kit
Pixle Tree components (click to enlarge)

Using our latest generation smart pixels and controller we’ve created a pixel tree kit you can quickly assemble and proudly display in your venue.

Our pixel tree kits are complete. There are no “extra” hardware parts need to get them up and running. They will only run on a Light-O-Rama Network. If you run your show using Light-O-Rama on a PC or a Gen3 show director then this kit is for you!  Click the image to see whats in the kit and match things with the list below.

  1. Pixel Controller
  2. Pixel Strings (8 strings of 50 pixels)
  3. Plastic Pixel Mounting Strips (16 strips)
  4. Short Guy Cables (3 cables with hooks)
  5. Long Guy Cables ( 3 cables with hooks)
  6. Plastic tree parts ( 1 Topper, 1 Base, 3 Pole Supports)
  7. Hardware ( 4 Long Screws, 1 Short Screw, 8 Small Washers, 2 Large Washers, 5 Nuts )**
  8. Cable Ties ( 25 – 10” Adjustable, 25 – 8” Ties, 75 – 4” Ties )
  9. Short Pipes ( 2 pieces )
  10. Long Pipes ( 2 pieces )
  11. Pipe Connectors ( 3 pieces )
  12. Galvanized Stakes ( 17 – 8” Stakes, 3 – 10” Stakes )
  13. Pixel String Spacing Template ( Includes small screw and nut )
Pixel mounting on strip. 3" spacing.
Pixel mounting on strip with 3″ spacing (click to enlarge)

The real trick to this pixel tree are the strips used to mount the pixels.  Made of high quality, UV resistant and super strong plastic, they are designed to space the pixels evenly and keep them facing the same direction.  Pixel spacing is 3 inches with vacant holes between the pixels to allow wind to easily pass through.


Pixel Tree Assembled
Pixel Tree Assembled (click to enlarge)

When the tree is fully assembled it can easily be mounted anywhere anywhere in your yard.  We include stakes for anchoring each pixel strip in the ground.  At the end of the season just remove the stakes, roll up the pixel strips and store everything in a compact space.  The manual comes with complete details of exactly what you need to do.

Pixel Tree Assembly Manual

The pixel tree kit includes the pixel and Light-O-Rama smart pixel controller.  Use our ShowTime Sequencing Suite to make your tree dance to the music and dazzle the neighbors.  Look at what a Pixel Tree can do for your venue.

Once your tree is built, it’s easy to configure so that it works with any of our Pixel Tree Motion Paks. If you purchased an SD card package (like our TSO ShowTime Central Package), all you need to do is set the Unit ID and connect it to your existing display.”

We’ll do the hard work or you can and save a little money

The pixel tree comes either:

  • ‘factory assembled’ meaning the tree is ready to setup, the pixels are in inserted in the strips, the strips are attached to the topper. You place the topper on the pole, stake it down, plug it in and go.
  • ‘customer assembled’ meaning you save some money but you take the raw components, strings strips, cable ties, etc and manufacture the tree yourself.

Here’s what the big pixel tree looks like as we had it displayed at a recent trade show:

Big Pixel Tree
The pixel tree in action (click to enlarge)

Find out more in our online store.

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