Party Time!

Dance to the lights and the music!

Tired of the same old boring lights at your party?  Dazzle your guests by making sure the lights are synchronized to the music and dancing as wildly as the participants.  They’ll remember it and you’ll go down in history as the best party giver ever.

Imagine your dance floor light connected to Light-O-Rama technology.  Give your guest something to remember!  Even though the video above has a Christmas theme, let creativity guide you and what you want your guests to experience.

Where do you begin?

Connect your lights and special effects to various types of Light-O-Rama controllers.  Use your computer to determine the time line and  patterns of how the devices should behave.  If you really want to be different, link everything to music and video.  When done you’ll have a show that can be repeated on-demand or on your schedule.

Look around our website and you’ll see all the things Light-O-Rama can control.  Contact us and we’ll work with you to be successful.  How do we know?  Ask our thousands of customers!

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