Large Venues

Dazzle your customers and they'll tell others!

Looking to really impress?  Put on a show and your guests will brag to others about what they have seen.  Here are a few examples submitted by our customers.

Tokyo Light Garden

One of our favorite over-the-top, giant by-any-measurement displays is at the Yamaha resort in Kakegawa, Japan.  Watch carefully for the overhead views and be sure to admire the spectacular sphere done with our Cosmic Color Ribbon smart pixel lights.  To get a sense of scale, look closely for the silhouettes of people walking through the display.


Shopping Center

Is your shopping venue like the one down the street?  Create a holiday destination for your visitors.


Drive Through Light Park

Want to do something for your community that will bring others in  for miles around?  Consider a drive through light park during the holiday season.  Here’s an example of one in a baseball stadium parking lot that goes unused during the holidays.  Your visitors drive through the display and listen on their radios to the perfectly choreographed lights dancing to the music.  Look closely in the video for the tail lights of cars driving through this display to get a sense of the size of the venue.  Have a live Santa at the end as well as a gift shop and watch the community come together.


Overhead Light Show

Ready to give your visitors a special thrill?  Don’t let them stand in front of your incredible show but let them walk under it.  Here’s a great way to get the lights out of the way but guarantee people will be amazed.


Where do you begin?

Connect your lights and special effects to various types of Light-O-Rama controllers.  Use your computer to determine the time line and  patterns of how the devices should behave.  If you really want to be different, link everything to music and video.  When done you’ll have a show that can be repeated on-demand or on your schedule.

Look around our website and you’ll see all the things Light-O-Rama can control.  Contact us and we’ll work with you to be successful.  How do we know?  Ask our thousands of customers![

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