The Light-O-Rama Software Package

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The Light-O-Rama Software Package

The Light-O-Rama software package is a suite of programs, each helping with a different portion of computerized control of your lights to help build a dynamic display:


The Control Panel gives you convenient access to create and control all aspects of your show.

The Sequencer is used to create, modify, and test sequences.

The SuperStar Sequencer can be invoked from the Sequencer and can be used to create unique effects. It also has auto-sequencing capabilities and the ability to sequence singing faces.

The Hardware Utility can be used to test your controllers, and to download sequences to them to be used in standalone mode.

The Diagnostic is a troubleshooting tool that displays various information about your Light-O-Rama configuration.

The Offline Registration Utility can be used to register Light-O-Rama on a computer that does not have access to the internet.

The Mobile App can be used to control your lights from a mobile device.


The Light-O-Rama software package must be registered with a valid license in order to use it to its full potential.  There are several different possible license levels, each having different features available.  Light-O-Rama can also be used unlicensed, in Demo mode, but you will not be able to actually control lights while in Demo mode.


Please note that the Light-O-Rama software package must be installed on a local drive; it is not supported when installed on a network drive.