Singing Faces Sequence

Need a little help understanding how a singing faces musical sequence works? We got with our sequence creators and they created one for you to learn from as well as use in your shows.

Curious how a professional sequencer builds a Light-O-Rama singing faces sequence? Here’s a great example. It’s just 20 seconds long and uses our singing trees as an example..

Very Merry Christmas
using royalty free music from NEO Sounds
20 seconds in length
4 singing faces sequence by Light-O-Rama and includes royalty free music

This singing faces sequence is fully modifiable. We recommend using the latest version of our ShowTime Sequencing Suite software (Advanced or Pro) to make changes. This sequence is for your use only and has an embedded serial number that can be traced.

This sequence was designed and programmed by an award winning creative working in close harmony with the Light-O-Rama staff. Sequencing can be very hard work so we make it easy for you to have a great show and take all the credit.

Here’s a short video to give you an idea of what this free sequence might look like in your venue.


How do you download this stuff to your computer? With most browsers Right Click the Download link and choose Save Target As… Save the file to a location you can easily find
A special note: If you are using the Windows 10 Edge browser you might not have a ‘Save Target As…’ option when right clicking a link. We recommend using another browser, including Internet Explorer. Open the Windows 10 search box, enter ‘Internet Explorer’, it will be shown as a ‘Desktop app’ and that’s the one to pick. Return to the Light-O-Rama website and you can now use the mouse right click ‘Save Target as…
Sequence Very Merry Christmas sequence. 20 seconds in length. Put in default \Sequences directory. Download
Music Very Merry Christmas music. 20 seconds in length. Put in default \Audio directory. Download
optional stuff
Visualizer 4 Singing Tree Faces for Visualizer 4 and higher Download
Visualizer Background Background Image for above Visualizer. Please note this image size is 1737 x 600 pixels. You might need to scale this down in order to fit your viewing screen. Typical is 1280 x 720 pixels.


How do you install this musical sequence?

You should already have a working version of Light-O-Rama’s ShowTime Sequencing Suite software. Singing Faces controllers use unit IDs 30-36 so you will need the Advanced or Pro level of software If you don’t already have it:

ShowTime Sequencing Suite Download

Download the sequence to your computer and put it in your default Light-O-Rama Sequences directory.

Download the royalty free music to your computer and put it in your default Light-O-Rama Audio directory.

If the audio is not working, within the Sequencing Editor, click on Edit/Media File and navigate to the correct music in your audio directory. Don’t worry. It’s a lot simpler than all these complicated sounding words make it sound.

We’ve also provided everything you need to build upon our typical 64 channel setups. From above you can download the standard 64 channel configuration as well as the Visualizer layout. We even included a picture of our typical house to use as a background image for the S4 Visualizer.



If all the above seems intimidating, checkout our video tutorials:


There’s plenty more

Like what you see with this sequence? There are plenty more in the Light-O-Rama sequence store.

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