FM Radio Station

Stop making your neighbors mad. Tune in with the car radio!

Let your customers stay warm in their vehicles!  They can listen to the show audio on their own radio being transmitted from your ultra-miniature FM station.

Light-O-Rama searched the world over for a reliable FM transmitter vendor that could also stick to the very strict standards of the FCC in the USA.  You don’t need a license to operate this FM transmitter but you must follow the detailed directions that come with the product as required by the FCC.

Use the FM radio transmitter to broadcast the show audio. It’s a great way for your audience to hear the music while sitting in the comfort of their vehicles and at the same time not bother your neighbors.

FM Radio Transmitter
FM Radio Transmitter

How far does this FM transmitter broadcast?

We feel comfortable saying this little transmitter will broadcast over 100 feet in all directions. Since the average home is around 2,000 square feet (according to National Association of Home Builders) it shouldn’t be a problem to cover your entire house and reach the street out front (in most cases.)


How many frequencies?

The FM transmitter allows you to cover the full range of FM frequencies from 88.1 to 107.9 FM.  It also lets you select frequencies in 1 MHz steps so countries who use the even numbered frequencies can also use our FM transmitter.

Quick setup

It’s easy to add the FM transmitter to what you’re doing.

  1. Connect your audio source to the FM transmitter via one of the supplied audio cables (either the stereo headphone jack or stereo RCA jack from your ShowTime Director or PC)
  2. Find an unused FM station in your area and set the FM transmitter to that unused station (use the buttons on the side of the FM transmitter)
  3. To begin broadcasting turn on the FM transmitter by pressing down the switch on the top of the unit
  4. Adjust any FM radio to the signal that your are broadcasting on
  5. Listen and enjoy

The little stuff counts

Look carefully and you’ll see an old fashioned on/off switch on the FM transmitter.  If the unit loses power, when it is restored the transmitter is already on.  All the other settings of the transmitter (frequency, volume, etc.) are also remembered.

FM Transmitter with features
FM Transmitter with features
Approximate FM transmitter range
Approximate FM transmitter range
FM transmitter size shown with one type of antenna
FM transmitter size shown with one type of antenna

The FM transmitter will not drift between stations because of its advanced stereo PLL digital tuner technology and is designed to operate non-stop 24/7 with an electricity cost of about $1 (USD) a year.

Distance of Transmission: A radius of more than 100 feet (approximate)
FM Transmitter Frequencies: 88.0 through 108.0 (in 0.1MHz steps, i.e. odd & even)
4 way power: 110/220 VAC wall adapter
12 VDC mobile power adapter
Computer USB power adapter
Internal 3 “AA” battery compartment
Power Control: Mechanical power switch
Frequency Response: 20~15KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >65db
Audio Performance: 0.2% distortion
Stereo Separation: 40db
RF Harmonic Rejection: 30db
Antenna Design: Swivel SMA-style
Tuning Design: Stable PLL technology
Meets FCC Part 15: Yes, IC ID: 8728A-WHFM3
Size of Transmitter Unit: 4.1″ h x 2.7″ w x 0.9″ d
Weight of Transmitter Unit: 3.7 ounces
Transmission Signal: FM stereo and FM mono

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