Track Bars


If a sequence contains more than one track, the Sequencer displays each track with a track bar at its top.  This bar is labelled with up to three parts:


"Track <number>", such as "Track 2", with the topmost track being "Track 1", the next being "Track 2", and so on;

If the track has been assigned a name, the name is displayed after the track number;

If the track's grid has been hidden, the label will additionally say "(hidden)".


The track bar of the currently active track is usually colored green, so as to make that track easily distinguishable from the other tracks, which are usually shown in grey.  The exceptions are for locked tracks, which show in magenta if active and red if not.


Left-clicking on a track bar will hide or unhide the track, while right-clicking on one will bring up a the track bar's popup menu, which allows access to various functionality related to the track.  For example, you can use the popup menu to move the track up or down in the sequence, hide or unhide the track, or duplicate the track to another track.



A sequence with two tracks, with track bars at their tops, and the track bar popup menu displayed.  The first track is currently the active track, which can be seen from the fact that its track bar is green.