The MIDI File Wizard

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The Light-O-Rama Sequencer's MIDI File Wizard can be used to automatically populate a musical sequence that is based on a MIDI file with timings and lighting effects based on the MIDI file itself.  For example, lights can be set up to chase each other in time to the music, or to turn on and off when certain notes are played.


The MIDI File Wizard is available (for musical sequences based on MIDI files) as an option when creating a new musical sequence or a new track, and can later be accessed via "MIDI File Wizard" on the Tools menu.


The MIDI File Wizard has three main screens, each on a different tab:


The Effects Summary tab can be used to visualize the song while it is playing - for example, to see which instruments are playing what notes at what time, and to show the overall beat of the song.  It can also be used to listen to only certain instruments in the song, by muting others.  This tab cannot be used to insert timings or lighting effects into a sequence - instead, it is used to get an idea of how the other tabs might be used for the song.


The Various Effects tab can record timings and lighting effects based upon the beat of the song.  The lights can be made to behave in a variety of ways, such as chasing each other or rotating around a tree, in various patterns.


The Individual Notes tab can be used to record timings and lighting effects based upon the notes played by individual instruments in the song.  For example, a channel can be set up to turn on whenever a tenor saxophone plays a C note.


For more detailed help, please consult the help file pages for the individual tabs:


The Effects Summary tab

The Various Effects tab

The Individual Notes tab



The MIDI File Wizard's Effects Summary tab