Customizing Window Layouts

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In the S5 Sequencer, you can customize the position, size and behavior of windows to create window layouts that work best for your computer setup. When you customize the layout, the Sequencer remembers it. For example, if you change the docking location of the Playback window and then close the Sequencer, the next time that you start, the Playback window will be docked in that same location.


The Playback Window, Previews Window, and Motion Effects Window* can be docked in any position within the main program window, or they can float outside the program window. They can also be hidden by using the Window menu. They can be pinned so that they stay open, or unpinned so they auto-hide after use.

Sequence windows can only be docked within the main program window; they cannot float or be hidden. Each sequence window has a tab at the top which displays the name of the sequence. To the right of the name is an "X", which when clicked, will close the sequence.


* The Motion Effects Window is only displayed when using the PRO license level.