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Light-O-Rama Hub (or just Hub for short) is the new location in the LOR Software for all things Show Related.  LOR Hub will eventually take over all functions of the LOR Show Player, LOR Show Scheduler, Simple Show Builder, and SD Card creation - both simple and advanced.


Hub also enables our new 'MotionPak' technology.  When purchasing sequences from the LOR Sequence Store, you'll also be able to purchase optional additional programming for things like Singing Faces, Pixel Trees, and a host of other LOR Created props.  LORHub will then combine the MotionPak with your sequence to automatically customize it.


Hub is also one of the first fully internet integrated programs from LOR.  Hub can help you find sequences and MotionPaks, as well as be dynamically updated to support new props in the future.


Hub is going to be continuously updated for the next several release cycles.  Currently LOR Hub supports the following:  All Simple Show Builder functionality (Simple Show Builder is still available in this release in case of issues with Hub, but will be removed in a future version), MotionPak Functionality, new SD Card functionality.


Hub is not just a replacement for existing LOR programs as it also aims to improve on their functionality and ease of use.  For example in this release is the ability to now EDIT SD cards without the need to re-create an entire show.  This allows you to move sequences around on an SD card show, remove some, add new, and update existing ones from the computer.  Cards must have been created with Hub or a newer version of Hardware Utility to be edited - not all Hardware Utility MP3 functions are currently supported.


Where possible, we try to make things simple and familiar.  For example if you have been creating shows that run from a computer and now wish to start using an MP3 director, you will already be familiar with how to add sequences and schedule the show.