Configuring LOR E131 Devices

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E1.31 devices, like the PixCon16, are usually used for high channel density configurations.   For example, a fully populated PixCon16 can control over 10,000 channels across 20 DMX universes.  Using just a few of these controllers can quickly saturate a Local Area Network (LAN).  Improperly configured networks can also generate additional traffic.  Unlike the traditional LOR network of controllers which are run on a serial port, using E1.31 devices may require advanced knowledge of TCP/IP routing and configuration.


E1.31 devices may also negatively impact an existing LAN with the additional traffic.  Light-O-Rama recommends that you run E1.31 devices on a separate physical network from your home or office LAN.   If you are knowledgeable in TCP/IP and/or Ethernet devices, you may be able to successfully run your existing devices and the new E1.31 devices by segregating your network, running multiple adapter cards, etc.  How to successfully do that however is beyond the scope of this documentation.