Convert to Channel Group

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The Convert to Channel Group dialog allows you to group existing channels (and RGB channels, etc.) into a new channel group.  You can open the dialog by right-clicking on the channel button of the first channel that you want in the new group, and selecting "Convert to Group" from the popup menu that will open.


In the dialog, select the name that you want to use for the new group, and the first and last channels that you want placed into the new group, and then click on the "Create Group" button.  The new group will be created at the same spot that the first selected channel was at, and will contain the specified range of channels.


Optionally, you can choose to "leave copies in their existing locations", causing the new group to be created without actually removing the existing copies of the channels.


If the channels and RGB channels that you have selected look like they might be intended as a Cosmic Color Device -- that is, if they are a certain specific number of RGB channels potentially followed by a certain specific number of channels -- the dialog will give you an option to make the new channel group be a Cosmic Color Device (and, if appropriate, what kind of CCD - for example a Cosmic Color Ribbon or a Cosmic Color Array).  This has certain advantages over creating it as a normal channel group; for example, the CCD's macro channels will be skipped when chases are done on the group.



The Convert to Channel Group dialog