RGB Channel Settings

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The Sequence Editor's RGB Channel Settings dialog allows you to set various properties of an RGB channel  in your sequence, such as its name and the unit and circuit IDs of its constituent channels.


You can access the RGB Channel Settings dialog by clicking on the RGB channel's button, or right-clicking and selecting "Change RGB Channel Settings" from the popup menu.



The RGB Channel Settings dialog


In the above picture, notice that the settings for the green and blue channels are greyed out, so that their settings cannot be modified (directly).  This is because the "Automatically link channel settings" checkbox is checked.  When it is checked, any change to the red channel's settings will be automatically reflected in the green and blue channels.  For example, setting the red channel's unit ID to 02 will cause both the green and blue channels to automatically change to unit ID 02, and setting the red channel's circuit ID to 4 will cause the green channel's circuit ID to become 5, and the blue's to become 6.


To modify the green and blue channels' settings independently of those of the red channel, uncheck the "Automatically link channel settings" checkbox.


The "Use LOR legacy mode" checkbox, if checked, will limit the available circuit IDs from 1 to 16 (as opposed to the standard 1 to 512).  This is to support older controllers, which might each have several different unit IDs, each of which have circuit IDs from 1 to 16, instead of having a single unit ID with many circuit IDs.