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IconThe Individual Notes Tab
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IconFreeform Play Mode
IconSuperStar Sequencer
IconInstant Sequences
IconCustom Sequences
IconCreating a Scene
IconCreating a Morph
IconCreating an Image Action
IconCreating an Animation
IconCreating Text
IconTransfer Effects from One Sequence to Another
IconLoad/Save Clipboard
IconChange to 10 Pixels per Ribbon
Icon"Star Rays", "Wide Grid", and "Thin Grid"
IconThe Layout Dialog Box
IconBalanced Color Mode / Full Color Mode
IconSmooth Ramps
IconConfigure Controller Unit IDs Using the Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility
IconConfigure Controller Unit IDs in the SuperStar Sequencer
IconSelect All, Select All Left, and Select All Right
IconImporting a Timing Grid and up to 3 Timing Channels
IconVisualization Sequences
IconSummary of Commands and Keyboard Accelerators
IconToolbar Summary
IconToolbar Buttons that have Keyboard Modifiers
IconTimeline and Effect Object Selection
IconTop Part of Color Controls
IconColor Picker Dialog Box
IconBottom Part of Color Controls
IconSequencing Grid Commands for Scenes
IconSelection Grid Commands for Morphs
IconSequencing Grid Command for Images
IconShow Editor
IconSchedule Editor
IconSimple Show Builder
IconShow Player
IconNetwork Preferences
IconSimple Mode
IconThe LOR Tab
IconThe DMX Tab
IconThe X10/Dasher Tab
IconThe Options Tab
IconAdvanced Mode
IconThe LOR Tab
IconThe DMX Tab
IconThe X10/Dasher Tab
IconThe Options Tab
IconComm Listener
IconHardware Utility
IconLight-O-Rama Controllers
IconSelecting a Comm Port
IconSetting Unit IDs
IconConfiguring Units
IconTesting Units
IconDownloading Sequences
IconFirmware Updates
IconLight-O-Rama MP3 Directors
IconLight-O-Rama Wireless Devices
IconDigital IO Boards
IconX10 Controllers
IconTest Console
IconServoDog Utility
IconSystem Requirements
IconConcepts and Terminology
IconAdvanced Topics
IconTree Wizard
IconArch/Fan Wizard
IconCCR Wizard
IconCCR Matrix Wizard
IconChannel Assignment Wizard
IconReference Channels
IconVirtual Channels
IconImporting and Exporting Fixtures and Props
IconColors and Background Intensity
IconUsing Cosmic Color Devices in the Visualizer
IconMulti-Color Channels (Strings)
IconSimulation and Firewalls
IconDialog Windows
IconArch/Fan Wizard
IconAssign Fixtures from Wizard
IconAssign to Fixture
IconCCR Matrix Wizard
IconChange Size
IconChannel Assignment Wizard
IconChannel Assignment Wizard: Non-CCR Fixtures
IconChannel Assignment Wizard: CCR Fixtures
IconChannel Settings Dialog
IconDraw CCR Wizard
IconDuplicate Channel Reference
IconDuplicate RGB Channel Reference
IconFixture Properties
IconInsert Symbol Fixture
IconLevel Visibility and Properties
IconLoad LOR Reference File
IconMain Editing Window
IconMain Editor Window
IconMenu Items
IconNew Prop
IconNew Simulation
IconObject Selection Area
IconOptions Tab 1: General
IconOptions Tab 2: Tooltips
IconOptions Tab 3: Colors
IconOptions Tab 4: Fixtures
IconOptions Tab 5: Bulbs
IconOptions Tab 6: Com/Ref
IconProp Properties
IconProp Properties: General Tab
IconProp Properties: Change Fixture Properties Tab
IconProp Properties: Wizards Tab
IconRename Fixture
IconRename Prop
IconReorder Prop (Change Fixture Order)
IconSelect Reference Channel
IconSimulation (Background) Properties
IconSimulation (Compile) Errors
IconStatus Bar
IconEdit Toolbar
IconActions Toolbar
IconColor Toolbar
IconTree Wizard
IconMouse Wheel
IconShortcut Keys
IconList of Verifier Messages
IconVerifier Messages 1-10
Icon1: No errors or warnings found
Icon2: Verification cancelled
Icon3: Light-O-Rama is not installed
Icon4: No registry entry for application path
Icon5: Application directory does not exist
Icon6: Verifier not running from LOR application path
Icon7: Application file does not exist
Icon8: Unlicensed LOR demo version used
Icon9: Unsupported version of Windows Media Player
Icon10: No registry entry for user data path
IconVerifier Messages 11-20
Icon11: User data directory does not exist
Icon12: No registry entry for non-media data path
Icon13: Non-media data directory does not exist
Icon14: No registry entry for media data path
Icon15: Media data directory does not exist
Icon16: Application file has unexpected version number
Icon17: Weekly schedule file does not exist
Icon18: Yearly schedule file does not exist
Icon19: Calendar scheduling not supported
Icon20: No shows are scheduled
IconVerifier Messages 21-30
Icon21: Show file does not exist
Icon22: Error reading show file
Icon23: Sequence file does not exist
Icon24: Sequence file cannot be loaded
Icon25: Show has no sequences
Icon26: Media file does not exist
Icon27: Conflicting channel settings in sequence
Icon28: Channel is completely off
Icon29: Sequence is completely off
Icon30: Channel is missing settings
IconVerifier Messages 31-40
Icon31: Channel uses undefined comm network
Icon32: Channel in tracks of conflicting length
Icon33: Musical file used in non-audio section of show
Icon34: Subsequences not supported
Icon35: Background sequences unsupported
Icon36: Startup sequences unsupported
Icon37: Shutdown sequences unsupported
Icon38: Interactive triggers unsupported
Icon39: Unsupported number of tracks
Icon40: Shell commands unsupported
IconVerifier Messages 41-50
Icon41: Shell command map file does not exist
Icon42: Shell command not set
Icon43: Channel conflict
IconOffline Registration Utility
IconRegistry Wiper
IconHoliday Lights Designer
IconUniversal Library and InstaCal

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