Hardware Utility

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The Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility is used to manage the hardware that you use to control your lights.  This includes several types of controllers as well as other devices such as Light-O-Rama MP3 Directors and Light-O-Rama wireless devices.


Each of these types has a different tab in the Hardware Utility.  When you start the Hardware Utility, the tab for Light-O-Rama controllers is displayed; to access one of the others, simply click its tab.


For details on each, please refer to the following sections:


Light-O-Rama Controllers

Selecting a Comm Port

Setting Unit IDs

Configuring Units

Testing Units

Downloading Sequences

Firmware Update

Light-O-Rama MP3 Directors

Light-O-Rama Wireless Devices

Digital IO Boards

X10 Controllers

Test Console


To run the Hardware Utility, select it from your computer's Start menu (Start / Light-O-Rama / Hardware Utility) or, if the Light-O-Rama Control Panel is currently running, right-click on its icon in your computer's system tray and select "Hardware Utility" from the popup menu.



The Hardware Utility's tab for Light-O-Rama controllers