Zoom Preferences

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When a sequence is displayed in the Sequence Editor, it is represented as a grid.  Columns represent time, and rows represent channels.  You can zoom the display of either or both of these dimensions in or out for any particular sequence, in a variety of ways (such as by using the keyboard, or various buttons on the Standard toolbar).


Whenever you set the zoom level for a particular sequence, that zoom level will always be used for that sequence (unless you change it again).  However, whenever the Sequence Editor creates a new sequence, it will use some default zoom level settings.  If you prefer some particular zoom level, you probably do not want to zoom in or out every time that you create a sequence.  So, the Zoom Preferences submenu (of the Preferences submenu of the Edit menu) allows you to save your current zoom level settings as defaults, by selecting "Save Zoom Preferences".


Later, when the Sequence Editor creates a new sequence, it will default to the zoom level settings that you had saved.


If you change the zoom level on a sequence, and want to get back to your saved default zoom level settings, the Zoom Preferences submenu also provides a way to do this, by selecting "Restore Zoom Preferences".



The Zoom Preferences submenu