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A sequence can contain multiple tracks, with each track being a group of channels.  A channel can be in one track, or can be shared among multiple tracks.  For example, the following sequence has two tracks, and two channels, with both of the channels being in both of the tracks:



Two tracks in one sequence, with the same channels in both tracks


Notice that the two tracks have different timings than each other - in this case, the top track has timings every tenth of a second, and the bottom track every half a second.


All sequences are initially created with a single track.  There are a few ways to add another track using the Sequence Editor:


In the Edit menu:
"Add New Track" will add a track with entirely new channels.
"Duplicate Track" will add a new track and share all of the channels of the currently selected track with it.
On a channel button's right-click popup menu:
"Copy to New Track" will add a new track and copy the channel to it, while also giving you the option to automatically insert new channels as well.
"Move to New Track" does much the same, except that the channel will be moved, not copied, to the new track.
Using the Tracks and Timings toolbar


Important: To share a channel between tracks, make sure to use one of the above duplication or copying commands.  Do not simply set two different channels in different tracks to the same unit ID, circuit number, et cetera.  Doing that will have unexpected and undesired results, as the two different channels compete for control over the same physical circuit.


If a sequence has more than one track, each will be displayed with a preceding track bar.  The bar will be labeled with the track's number within the sequence (the track at the top is track #1, the next one down is track #2, and so forth).  If the track is given a name (such as by "Change Track Name" of the Edit menu), it will also be displayed on the bar:



Track 1 has no name, while Track 2 is named "Awesome Guitar Solo"


Left-clicking on a track bar will hide or unhide the track, while right-clicking on one will bring up the track bar's popup menu, containing various track-related functions (such as renaming the track, moving the track up or down in the sequence, duplicating the track to a new track, or deleting the track):



The track bar popup menu


If the "Hide Track" item on that popup menu is selected, the track will no longer be displayed.  However, the track's track bar still will be, and will indicate that the track has been hidden; clicking on it again to bring up the popup menu will now allow you to "Show Track":




For more detail on these and other track-related functions, please see:


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