Holiday Lights Designer Preferences

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Holiday Lights Designer is a third-party application, by Holidaysoft®, that can be used to virtually place lights and decorations on images of your home or business.  Light-O-Rama can send Holiday Lights Designer commands during play to make those virtual lights behave as your real lights would during a show.  The Holiday Lights Designer Preferences dialog (in the Preferences submenu of the Sequence Editor's Edit menu) is used to set up how Light-O-Rama interacts with Holiday Lights Designer.



The Holiday Lights Designer Preferences dialog


To use this dialog, enter the IP address and port that Holiday Lights Designer listens to in the "HLD Host" and "HLD Port" fields, and the port that Light-O-Rama should listen to in the "Local Port" field.  If Holiday Lights Designer is running on the same machine as Light-O-Rama, setting the HLD Host to will likely work.


Similar settings may need to be made in the configuration of Holiday Lights Designer itself.


Some older versions of Holiday Lights Designer support shimmers and twinkles only as full intensity shimmers and twinkles; custom shimmers and twinkles (such as faded shimmers) are not supported.  If your sequence contains such an effect, and it is sent to a version of Holiday Lights Designer without support for it, Holiday Lights Designer will simply ignore the effect.  However, you could uncheck the "HLD supports faded shimmers and twinkles" box; this causes Light-O-Rama to send Holiday Lights Designer all shimmers and twinkles as if they were full intensity shimmers and twinkles, allowing these older versions of Holiday Lights Designer to at least partially display these effects.  Note that this does not affect the behavior of your actual lights; it only affects what is displayed in Holiday Lights Designer.


Additionally, commands will only be sent from Light-O-Rama to Holiday Lights Designer if "Control Holiday Lights Designer" is turned on in the Sequence Editor's Play menu, or if "Holiday Lights Designer On" is enabled in the Light-O-Rama Control Panel.


All of these settings will be used not only when sequences are played using the Sequence Editor, but also when shows are played using the Show Player.