Holiday Lights Designer

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Holiday Lights Designer is a third-party application by Holidaysoft® which can be used to virtually place lights and decorations on images of your home or business.  Light-O-Rama can now send Holiday Lights Designer commands during play to make those virtual lights behave as your real lights would during a show.


To send commands to Holiday Lights Designer, first set the Holiday Lights Designer Preferences in the Sequence Editor under the Edit menu.   After this is done, commands can be sent from the Sequence Editor by turning on "Control Holiday Lights Designer" in the Play menu, or from the Show Player by selecting "Holiday Lights Designer On" in the Light-O-Rama Control Panel.


Version 4.0 or above of Holiday Lights Designer is required to take advantage of Light-O-Rama interaction.


For more information about Holiday Lights Designer, please see the Holidaysoft website.