Getting Started with Light-O-Rama
What's New?
Feature Comparison
Light-O-Rama Concepts
Animation Sequences
Musical Sequences
Windows Shell Commands
Interactive Groups
The Weekly Schedule
The Calendar Schedule
Light-O-Rama Controllers
Dasher Controllers
Digital IO Cards
BSOFT Digital IO Cards
X10 Controllers
The Light-O-Rama Software Package
Registering Light-O-Rama
Registering Offline
Control Panel
Sequence Editor
Editing Sequences Using the Keyboard
Editing Sequences Using the Mouse
Time Format
The Menu Bar
The File Menu
The New and Open Dialog
The New Animation Dialog
The New Musical Sequence Dialog
The Edit Menu
The New Track Dialog
Preference Dialogs
Display Preferences
DMX Preferences
Holiday Lights Designer Preferences
Network Preferences
New Animation Preferences
New Musical Sequence Preferences
Play Preferences
Video Preferences
Zoom Preferences
The View Menu
The Tools Menu
The Play Menu
The Window Menu
The Help Menu
The Standard Toolbar
The Tools Toolbar
The Track and Timings Toolbar
The Right-Click Context Menu
Channel Buttons
Channel Settings
Channel Buttons' Popup Menus
Track Bars
Track Bars' Popup Menus
Loop Menus
The Loop Context Menu
Loop Level Buttons
The Waveform
The Animator
The Beat Wizard
The Channel Property Grid
The MIDI Wizard
The Effects Summary Tab
The Various Effects Tab
The Individual Notes Tab
The Tapper Wizard
The VU Wizard
Freeform Play Mode
Show Editor
Schedule Editor
Simple Show Builder
Show Player
Hardware Utility
Light-O-Rama Controllers
Selecting a Comm Port
Setting Unit IDs
Configuring Units
Testing Units
Downloading Sequences
Firmware Updates
Light-O-Rama MP3 Directors
Light-O-Rama Wireless Devices
Digital IO Boards
X10 Controllers
Test Console
ServoDog Utility
List of Verifier Messages
Verifier Messages 1-10
1: No errors or warnings found
2: Verification cancelled
3: Light-O-Rama is not installed
4: No registry entry for application path
5: Application directory does not exist
6: Verifier not running from LOR application path
7: Application file does not exist
8: Unlicensed LOR demo version used
9: Unsupported version of Windows Media Player
10: No registry entry for user data path
Verifier Messages 11-20
11: User data directory does not exist
12: No registry entry for non-media data path
13: Non-media data directory does not exist
14: No registry entry for media data path
15: Media data directory does not exist
16: Application file has unexpected version number
17: Weekly schedule file does not exist
18: Yearly schedule file does not exist
19: Calendar scheduling not supported
20: No shows are scheduled
Verifier Messages 21-30
21: Show file does not exist
22: Error reading show file
23: Sequence file does not exist
24: Sequence file cannot be loaded
25: Show has no sequences
26: Media file does not exist
27: Conflicting channel settings in sequence
28: Channel is completely off
29: Sequence is completely off
30: Channel is missing settings
Verifier Messages 31-40
31: Channel uses undefined comm network
32: Channel in tracks of conflicting length
33: Musical file used in non-audio section of show
34: Subsequences not supported
35: Background sequences unsupported
36: Startup sequences unsupported
37: Shutdown sequences unsupported
38: Interactive triggers unsupported
39: Unsupported number of tracks
40: Shell commands unsupported
Verifier Messages 41-50
41: Shell command map file does not exist
42: Shell command not set
43: Channel conflict
Registry Wiper
Holiday Lights Designer
Universal Library and InstaCal

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