Have a really big project and not real sure where to start? We can help!

Where do you begin?

Got a big job and don’t know where to begin?  Consider Light-O-Rama consulting.  We’ve got the deep knowledge and hard-earned experience to help you define your vision and implement it.  By asking questions we’ll help guide you to the answers.  Working together you can bring that dream to life.

We rely on our Light-O-Rama partners to help guide you to a successful show.  They’re experts when it comes to implementing Light-O-Rama products and chances are good they’ve already ‘been there and done that’ when it comes to making a venue like yours look great.

Partners to Help!


Have something special that’s too big for a Light-O-Rama partner?

Got a project you believe only the Light-O-Rama engineers can handle?  Fill out the form below.  It will be delivered to someone in our consulting group and they’ll get back to your ASAP.  Feel free to include your phone number.

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Still don’t know what to do?

You can’t go wrong asking the smart people working our help desk.

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