Don’t want to dedicate a computer and sound system to a show?   We’ve created a simple-to-use ShowTime Central starter package.



The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Central suggested starter package is great for getting into the world of show animation but with minimal fuss.  Just add your lights, put a sign outside telling people where to tune their FM radio and plug in the power.


What do we suggest for the ShowTime Central starter package?

ShowTime Central runs your display and broadcasts the music to a nearby FM radio. Simply add one or more AC light controllers and connect the lights you want to be part of the show. ShowTime Central is perfect for simple setups where you don’t need the power of a dedicated computer. Just put a sign out front with your radio station location and people will know what to do so they can watch and hear the show.


The magic of ShowTime Central is it’s easy to deploy.  Use our off-the-shelf show packages or create your show with Simple Show Builder that’s part of our Showtime Sequencing Suite package.  Connect your lights to one or more Light-O-Rama high voltage AC light controllers and attach the power cord of the light controller to a mechanical timer.  When the timer turns on power is sent to the light controller and it sends power to ShowTime Central.  Inside ShowTime Central the Light-O-Rama miniDirector comes alive, loads your show and starts sending commands to the light controller(s).  At the same time the FM transmitter is also broadcasting the audio from the miniDirector.

ShowTime Central package suggested components

ShowTime Central Inside ShowTime Central unit includes miniDirector and FM radio transmitter
CTB16PC 16 Channel Controller 16 Channel CTB16PC-Ready-To-Go high voltage AC residential light controller
ShowTime Sequencing Suite Software Our latest ShowTime Sequencing Suite software, Basic Plus version, so you can create your own shows
USB485 Converter USB485 adapter to convert the way your computer talks to the way the light controller(s) talk
USB-Cable USB cable with filters to connect your computer the the USB485 adapter
Network Cable 50′ data cable to connect the USB485 (usually next to your computer) to your light controller (usually next to your lights)
SD-Card-ShowTimeCentral-LOR Optional Plug-n-Show SD card with light shows and music


 See information about ShowTime Central in our on-line store


How many lights can a high voltage AC controller handle?

The number of lights you can control depends on the primary voltage available, the types of lights you have and how much current the lights consume.  Rap the button below for more details.


Looking for music where the lights already dance?

If you are concerned that you may not have what it takes to create a show, rest assured that pre-sequenced musical shows (not included) will make this package a truly plug-and-play system.  Be sure to check out our sequence store.