ShowTime Sequencing Suite SoftwareYou know you bought an official license to use the Light-O-Rama software suite but you can’t remember when and you sure can’t remember the license number.  We hear it all the time.

Use this page to receive a copy of your existing ShowTime Sequencing Suite Software license. You must have already purchased the software to use this page.

NOTE: All Light-O-Rama with original ShowTime software (ShowTime 1) have a license key for the Advanced version of the software.



Got a license but not real sure what version you have or if it’s active?  We hear that question a lot.  Find your license.


The ShowTime Sequencing Suite license  includes one year of software updates and after that you’re frozen in time.  In order to keep paying our team of developers, we ask you re-license your software every year so the latest and greatest is available to you.  Check your status.


Have questions about your Showtime Sequencing Suite license?  We’ve probably already heard it and have an easy answer.  License questions.


Not real sure which version of the ShowTime Sequencing Suite is right for you?  Compare software levels.


There is no need to download if you already have the ShowTime Sequencing Suite.  Just enter your key (found above) to unlock the feature level you purchased. You must have version 2.3.4 or higher.  Download software.