Your display tells a story with lights and music.  Take it to the next level by adding singing and talking characters as accent pieces. Meet the Light-O-Rama’s singing Christmas trees.


Trees of Christmas - Elden

Trees of Christmas - Felix

Trees of Christmas - Ralphie

Trees of Christmas - Zuzu

Four different characters you can use together or mix and match as you see fit.

Each singing face is on a sheet of outdoor rated, UV stabilized, black plastic that is 42 inches square.  A singing character has eight circuits of RGB control: body outline, hat (star or bow in these cases), two eye movements and four mouth movements.

  1. character outline
  2. star/bow on top
  3. eyes closed
  4. eyes open
  5. mouth closed
  6. mouth half open
  7. mouth full open
  8. mouth in ‘oh’ position

RGB pixels are used so a circuit can be any color making it useful when expressing moods during a song.  The lips might change colors or the eyes could flash from blue to red when appropriate.

Look at the characters closely.  Click an image for the easier-to-see version.


Elden the singing Christmas Tree, all mouth movements.

Felix the singing Christmas Tree, all mouth movements.

Ralphie the singing Christmas Tree, all mouth movements.

Zuzu the singing Christmas Tree, all mouth movements.


Each character uses 190-200 smart pixels based on two 100 pixel strings.  Pixel spacing is 1-2″ depending on location.  Here’s an example of just a few mounted pixels on the 42″ square black plastic sheet.  The pixels are not lit:

Example of mounted pixels on plastic sheet


Cosmic Color Bulb/Pixel Controller for two strings of 50 count RGB lights.Controlling each character is an outdoor rated, weatherproof Pixie2 controller with built-in power supply.  Just connect the Pixie2 to a standard Light-O-Rama data network, tweak your musical sequences to add these talking/singing characters and you’re good to go.