RGB = Cosmic Colors

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Any bulb, any color, any time.

What happens when you mix a little bit of red paint with some yellow?  You end up with orange.

RGB Additive MixingWhat if you could combine different colors of light?  We took three flood lights, one red, one green and one blue, aimed them at a brick wall and looked at the results.  Click the picture to the left for a closer look.  Where two beams overlapped, a different color was produced.  Where all three beams overlapped in the center, we saw white.   By varying the intensities of the red, green and blue flood lights, we ended up with different colors where the beams overlapped.  Ends up you can create most any color the eye can see using this technique.  It’s called RGB (Red Green Blue) technology.  We’re not mixing paint, but we are mixing light.  The scientists call it RGB additive because the colors are added together.

Some of the latest Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology puts the equivalent of a separate red, green and blue light source into what looks like one bulb.  By varying the intensities of the  red, green and blue sources, the bulb appears to change color.  Any bulb, any color, any time.  They’re called RGB LEDs.

The Light-O-Rama engineers got pretty excited about this when the technology emerged many years ago  One engineer was staring at the bulbs late in the evening when he was in a particularly mellow state-of mind-and said it was a comic experience.  Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color devices were born.  Pretty soon Light-O-Rama added Cosmic Color Ribbons, Bulbs, Pixels and Floods to the catalog.

How does Cosmic Color/RGB technology work?  Remember the explanation above and that one simple sentence:  Any bulb, any color, any time.  What you also have to keep in mind is each RGB LED needs three control channels, one for each of the colors.  Vary how bright each color is and you can create a rainbow of colors with each independently controlled bulb.

RGB Ribbons RGB Bulbs and Pixels RGB Floods RGB Controller RGB Sequencing

Cosmic Color Ribbon  

Cosmic Color Ribbon SmallWhen Light-O-Rama first developed the CR150D, an employee called it a high tech light ribbon.  That’s when John set us straight and said it was really a Cosmic Color Ribbon.  It’s obvious the 1970′s made a lasting impression on John the engineer.

The Light-O-Rama CR150D Cosmic Color Ribbon is a flexible, weatherproof strip with 150 super bright RGB LEDs spaced evenly along its length.  With the right kind of sequencing, the ribbon can dance to the music and dazzle your audience with fast moving effects.  Find out more and watch videos of what Cosmic Color Ribbons can do for your venue.

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Cosmic Color Bulbs and Pixels  

Cosmic Color Pixels Small

John the engineer’s parents had about a zillion of those big old C9 lights on their house at Christmas when he was growing up.  John had fond memories of those big bulbs and wondered what would happen if RGB LED technology was used.

John created his high tech C9 light string and immediately set everyone straight by naming them Cosmic Color Bulbs.  He then went a step further and came up with smaller versions that could be used in many different applications.  John determined these smaller bulbs were Cosmic Color Pixels.  What can Cosmic Color Bulbs and Pixels do for your venue?  Let your imaginations be your only limitation.

More about LOR Cosmic Color Bulbs and Pixels

Cosmic Color Floods  

Cosmic Color Flood WallWhen Light-O-Rama created RGB LED based floods, we struggled for an appropriate name.  John quickly set us straight again and declared they were in reality Cosmic Color Floods.  John certainly has an opinion on anything LOR RGB LED related. The Cosmic Color Floods are great for wall washes, blinders or anything else where you want a super-bright light source to change colors at your command.  Cosmic Color Floods are outdoor rated and designed to bring life to a featureless backdrop or venue.

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Cosmic Color Sequencing  

SuperStar Logo SmallAny light, any color, any time.   Remember, each RGB light source requires three control channels.  A Cosmic Color Ribbon includes a 150 channel controller.  Cosmic Color Pixel or Bulb sets include 300 channel controllers.  If you have multiple Cosmic Color devices, then your channel count gets big in a hurry.

Hundreds or thousands of light channels can become cumbersome when using our sequence editor but you’re in total control.  Then we realized we could use the power of the computer to create some dazzling RGB LED effects in those high channel count environments.  We created a sequence editor add-on that can make your RGB programming life easier and we proudly call it SuperStar.  You’ll call it an incredible timesaver.

More about the LOR SuperStar Sequencing Add-On

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