Interested in basic RGB technology (also known as dumb pixels) but not real sure how the pieces fit together?  We’ve created a simple-to-use RGB Starter Package.

RGB dumb pixel starter package layout

Create your own RGB Starter Package is great for getting started in the world of show animation while also experiencing the fun of controlling the color of your lights.


Create your own RGB starter package

Create your own RGB starter package” description=”Put together an 8 pixel RGB controller, power supply, software, adapter and cables.  Hook everything to your Windows based computer.  Now add the RGB lights and take all the credit.


The RGB Starter Package has just about everything you need to turn your Windows based personal computer into the command center of a sophisticated light show. The CMB24D RGB 8 pixel controller provides enough capability to handle 8 RGB based light strings, ribbons and/or floods. With the included software, adapter and cables you have the tools and connectivity to put your PC in full control of your lights.

Suggested components to create your own RGB starter package




The generic software package include the Sequencing Suite Software, adapter and basic cables.
CMB-24D-Angled CMB24D 8 Pixel RGB controller board
 PowerSupply-Outdoor-WithPowerCord Outdoor rated power supply to power the controller board and your RGB based lights (it might not look just like this image)
RGB Flood (10 watts) Mix and match RGB devices including RGB floods (typically 10 watts)
Wholesale Color Changing LED Light from China happyshoppinglife! 5 meter Flexible LED Light Strip with SMD 5050 LEDs Mix and match RGB devices including RGB ribbons


 See information about creating your own RGB starter system in our on-line store