Want to dip your toe into over-the-top smart pixel technology? We’ve created a smart pixel starter package that should be able to help.

LOR-Simplified Smart Pixel Starter Package Components

What can you do with the pixel starter package?

We provide our smart pixel controller, software, high speed adapter and cables to hook everything to your Windows based computer.  You add the smart pixels and take all the credit.


The Pixel starter package has everything you need to turn your Windows based PC into the command center of a sophisticated light show. The Pixie 4, Pixie 8 or Pixie 16 pixel controllers lets you control thousands of pixels. With the included software, adapter and cables you have the tools and connectivity to put your PC in full control of your lights.

Suggested components for a smart pixel starter package


Pixie 16. 16 port smart pixel controller.

Pixie 4 or Pixie 8 or Pixie 16 pixel controller with 4-16 SPI ports
PowerSupply-Outdoor-WithPowerCord Outdoor rated power supply to power the controller board and your RGB based smart pixel lights (it might not look just like this image)
ShowTime Sequencing Suite Software Our latest ShowTime Sequencing Suite software, Pro level, so you can create your own shows
USB485-HS USB485-HS high speed adapter to convert the way your computer talks to the way the light controllers talk
USB-Cable USB cable with filters to connect your computer the the USB485 adapter
Network Cable 25′ data cable to connect the USB485 (usually next to your computer) to your light controller(s) (usually next to your lights)


 See information about a smart pixel system in our on-line store