ShowTime Sequencing Suite SoftwarePixels.  Think any light, any color at anytime.  The challenge is a lot of pixels add up to a lot of control channels.  You can certainly control each pixel manually through our standard ShowTime Sequencing Suite Sequence Editor tool or you can use our Pixel Editor and let your computer do most of the hard work figuring out what channels to turn on when for each of your pixels.

Complex patterns are built into the Pixel Editor.  Create your timeline based on your music or video, drag and drop pixel effects onto your pixel display elements and you’re done.  If your display elements change size then Pixel Editor will automatically adjust the patterns.

The Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor is both a sequencer and a previewer (visualization tool) for your light displays. It makes it easy to display complex effects on RGB based pixels – like Cosmic Color Ribbon trees, other Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color devices or elements connected to DMX-512/E1.31 pixel controllers like our PixCon16 and Pixie controllers

A display element is referred to in the Pixel Editor as a prop.  The prop can be sequenced using the Sequence Editor or the Pixel Editor, but not both.  High channel count pixel props are sequenced most efficiently in the Pixel Editor; whereas, the Sequence Editor gives you complete control over every channel.  In the end, you must decide which props in your display should be sequenced with the Pixel Editor and which ones with the Sequence Editor.

If you already have a sequence for your pixel props in the Sequence Editor, but going forward you would like to sequence them in the Pixel Editor, there is a migration tool that will allow you to move those channels into the Pixel Editor without losing the sequencing work you have already done.  If you already have a Visualizer file for your display, you can preserve that work as well by importing the file into a Pixel Editor preview.


Do you need the Pixel Editor?

The Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor is intended to make it easy to display really cool effects on large numbers of RGB based smart  pixels.  Patterns are built into the Pixel Editor and the patterns can be automatically adjusted as your pixel counts change.  Because the patterns are built in, creating amazing displays is fast and easy.  Pixel Editor is available at our Pro license level of the ShowTime Sequencing Suite version 4.x (S4) or higher.

How do I get started?

First create a preview (Tools -> Manage Previews from the menu) and create some props in the preview. You will notice that when you first start the Pixel Editor, there is already a preview created for you named “Default”.  Feel free to use the “Default” preview or create your own (“Christmas Display” perhaps).  Then add your house background and some props to your preview.  You can create just your pixel props in the preview, or you can create non-pixel props too.  When creating non-pixel props, be sure to set Sequence Method to “Traditional” and the Pixel Editor will pull over all of the ramps, twinkles, and shimmers in your regular sequence file when displaying the preview.  Once you have the preview set up to your satisfaction, click Save.


Pixel Editor Timeline Screenshot

Pixel Editor Timeline Screenshot


Video tutorials

You’ll never feel totally lost with Light-O-Rama products.  If you’re a visual learner, we have video tutorials that can make the Pixel Editor easier to understand.  Here’s a quick overview of Pixel Editor:



See even more of our video tutorials.


What’s the difference between Pixel Editor and the SuperStar add-on?

Our Pixel Editor (available at the Pro license level) allows you to easily incorporate high density pixel design elements (we call them models) into a show.  We’ve already figured out standard patterns like fireworks, butterflies, meteor showers, images and text that will scale appropriately to your models.  Change the timing and colors as well as fade effects in and out on the timeline.  The results are added as a separate track in your existing Light-O-Rama sequence.

SuperStar is an optional add-on that gives total control of how all your pixels look during your show.  SuperStar allows you to create sophisticated patterns on a timeline and the computer figures out the details for each pixel.  Import your work into the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor, package your show and watch the magic.