Can’t tap your foot to the beat of the music yet you know what good music sounds like?  Don’t have the time to invest to synchronize everything just like you envision?  We fully understand.  You’re smart enough to know to leave the sequencing of lights to music to people with real talent.

Sequence Store


Light-O-Rama works with award winning light designers.  Why not let them do the hard work, buy what they’ve produced and bask in the glory of producing an incredible show to dazzle your audience?

Are pre-made sequences right for you?

These professional developed sequences use a standard decorating format that works on the majority of venues as described below. If you require something unique, consider creating sequences from scratch with the ShowTime Sequencing Suite.

Purchased sequence details

Typical Residential Layout with 16-48 ChannelsPre-made sequences from Light-O-Rama are designed for 16 to 64 channels and created by some of the best sequencers in the industry.

Channels 1-16 are on the structure.  Channels 17-64 are used for accents and demonstrated with the small trees in the front yard (channels 17-32), leaping arches (channels 33-48) and leapers (channels 49-64).  The show looks great with just 16 channels but as you expand in future years all you need to do is add more controllers and more lights.

In our sequence store we’ve included videos demonstrating how every off-the-shelf sequence looks on a typical house.

How did we make the demo videos to show how the shows might look in your venue?  We used the same ShowTime Sequence Suite software that you can purchase.  Our ‘demo’ house is one chosen at random.  We put virtual lights on it with our Visualizer program.  See more details by clicking the image to the right or take a look at the .PDF

About your Light-O-Rama sequence...

In most cases you are licensing only the sequence but not the music. We've provided links to purchase the audio from a reputable music download site. If you already own the music, make sure it is the same length as shown below (artists can different versions of the same tune.) To link the music with the Light-O-Rama sequence, we recommend the audio be in a standard .MP3 format recorded at 128K or higher, normalized and at a constant bit rate.

Can I change an pre-made sequence?

We have a special ‘You Can Modify‘ series of sequences that allow you to make as many changes as you want using our ShowTime Sequence Suite tools.  Feel free to use our sequences as a baseline to build from.

Build your own mini-trees like we use

Want to build your own four color minitrees as shown in the demo videos?  We have a little how-to guide that was originally published in PlanetChristmas magazine.  It gives some pretty good hints but feel free to enhance the design for your needs.  MiniTree Guide.

Build your own leaping arches like we use

Want to build your own leaping arches as shown in the demo videos?  We have a little how-to guide that was originally published in PlanetChristmas magazine.  It gives some pretty good hints but feel free to enhance the design for your needs.  Leaping Arch Guide.

What about the music?

You are purchasing the light sequences but not the actual music. We have provided links to where the performance can be legally obtained in the USA.  You buy the music separately from Amazon.  Most selections are less than $2.00 USD each.

Light-O-Rama goes out of its way to make sure the music used with our sequences is officially licensed to you.  We work closely with Amazon to provide an easy way to purchase the music through their on-line store.  In this way, if you’re ever questioned by the music police you can offer proof the music is licensed to you.  This process also ensures you are supporting the artists so they can continue to create more music.

I’m ready.  What’s next?

Icon-SequenceStore-125x60Start at the official Light-O-Rama sequence store.  You’ll find an impressive selection of sequences for just about any occasion and holiday.  We include videos of how the sequence looks, channel layouts and suggested configurations.  Don’t worry.  We make it as easy as possible.  Start by pressing the big Sequence Store button.

What if I only want the music?

Icon-AmazonMusic-125x60Love the music we use in any of our sequences and you can’t wait to add it to your personal listening device.  We set up a special store at Amazon to make it easy for you to find the music.  Just press the Music Store button.