Select All, Select All Left, and Select All Right

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In the Light-O-Rama SuperStar Sequencer, you will find these actions in the Edit menu.  "Select All" will select all effects in the SuperStar sequence; "Select All Left" will select all that are left of the time selected in the time scale; "Select All Right" will select all to the right of the time selected in the time scale.


Select All is useful for adding some blank space to your SuperStar sequence: If you needed to create a small amount of blank space at the beginning of a sequence, you could Select All, then use the Nudge Right button.  To create a large amount of space, you could Select All, press the Cut button, select a time on the time scale, and then press the Paste button.


Similarly, Select All Right is useful for creating some blank space in the middle of your SuperStar sequence: You could Select All Right, Cut, then Paste at the desired new location.