Registry Wiper

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The Light-O-Rama Registry Wiper tool deletes your Light-O-Rama configuration from your computer's registry.  This is for use in troubleshooting severe cases.


IMPORTANT: After running the Light-O-Rama Registry Wiper tool, your Light-O-Rama software will not run.  You will need to reinstall Light-O-Rama.  Also, even after having reinstalled, you will have lost certain preferences settings that you may have previously set.


The Registry Wiper tool is not a standard part of the Light-O-Rama software package.  It is available from Light-O-Rama, for troubleshooting severe cases.


The Registry Wiper tool should not be used except in extreme situations.



The Light-O-Rama Registry Wiper tool


If you have previously registered your copy of Light-O-Rama, after selecting "Wipe", you may be presented with a choice of whether to keep your licensing information (such as your license name and license key) in the registry or not.  If you choose not to, your copy of Light-O-Rama will run in Demo mode afterwards, until you re-register.  Note, though, that you will still be able to re-register using your exact same licensing information.