E131 Device List

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The E1.31 device list will show all detected LOR E1.31 devices found on the network.  The E1.31 devices should be powered up before accessing the list.  If there are any missing devices, be sure they are powered up and press the 'Search Again' button.


Under some circumstances, the program may not be able to detect all the controllers connected to your LAN.   This can be due to multiple issues since the routing and configuration of TCP/IP can be tricky:

Most Importantly:  Please select the correct network adapter at the top of the window.  You must select the network adapter that is directly connected to the same network the PixCon16 is connected to.

Typically if a previously found device can no longer be found, it may simply have missed the command for it to report in.  Pressing 'Search Again' will usually find the missing controller.  It could also be that the network is currently saturated with lighting commands.  You may want to stop any running show before attempting to configure a E1.31 device.

If this is the first time you are configuring a board, or if you changed the configuration of your network, the device may no longer be on an IP that you are expecting.  In that case, you may want to reset the board to factory specifications.  This will then place the board into 'DHCP' mode where it will request an IP from your network.  This requested IP should then be able to be found with the program.  Please note that resetting the board will clear all of your configuration information, and you will need to re-configure the board.

Your board may also be in a state which is preventing it from booting up properly.  If that is the case, you will need to place the board into boot-loader mode using the switch.  The boot-loader mode will force the board to the IP address of  Please see the hardware manual for the board for more information about boot-loader mode.




The E1.31 device list shows the current IP address of the board, the board's type, as well as its user assigned name and MAC address to help you identify the actual physical hardware.

When you click a row in the E1.31 device list, you will be brought to the configuration screens for that particular board.  Remember, boards that are shown in red can not be configured, and those in blue must first have firmware loaded to them.


Depending on the status of a particular E1.31 device, the list will be shown in one of 3 background colors:

Red:  Devices listed in RED can not be configured.  Either these devices are not manufactured by LOR, or are at a firmware level that is not supported by the software.

Blue: Controllers listed in blue are currently in 'boot-loader' mode.  That is, they are awaiting firmware to be sent to them.   Clicking on a blue device will bring you to a screen that will allow you to update the firmware.

White: Any controller listed in White is operating normally and ready to be configured.  Clicking on a row in white will bring up one or more screens allowing you to configure the device.



The LOR E1.31 device list