Creating a new SD Card Show

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Before starting to create a new SD card show, please first insert the SD card you would like to use into your computer's SD card reader/writer.  This will allow Hub to search for the card and correctly identify the drive.  If you forget to insert the SD card, Hub will remind you:



When creating a new SD card show, the first thing you will be asked is which type of MP3 director you are using:




You should select the option for the MP3 director you own.  LOR Showtime Central controllers all use the Mini Director, so you should select that.  If you are unsure of which director you have, select 'Help Me Choose'.  Hub will then show and describe the Show Directors we sell and have sold in the past so you can decide.


Next, you will be asked to verify the correct drive for your SD card, as well as select the show you will be creating.  Hub will attempt to correctly identify the drive, however you should always double check to ensure that you are using the correct location on your computer.




If you insert a different SD card into your computer, please press the 'refresh drive list' button.


Show Selection


Up to nine shows can be downloaded to an SD card, and each will be assigned a number between 1 and 9.  If two shows are scheduled for the same time, the lower numbered show will be played.  Mini Directors do not have a time clock and so the lowest show number will always be played.  For this reason if you have a Mini Director, it is best to only ever create 'Show 1' to avoid confusion.


Once you press the OK button, you are brought to the Sequence Selection and Show Options screen.