Run from Your Computer

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For building simple Computer based shows, like the ones that were previously created by Simple Show Builder, use the HUB Computer Show Builder.  For complex computer-based shows, continue to use the LOR Show Editor and LOR Show Sceduler (which can be accessed from buttons within Hub).  In a future release, Hub will incorporate all functions of Show Editor and Show Scheduler.




Please remember that if you have an existing show or schedule, they will be replaced by what you create here.  If you have used the Show Editor or Schedule Editor programs, you should continue to use them instead.


On the left side are all of the sequences that are available on your computer in the specified directory.  If your sequences are not located in your Light-O-Rama data directory, you can press the 'Change Directory' button to move to another folder on your computer.


Sequences are displayed with either [anim] or [music].  Anim are ANIMATION (.las) sequences.  Music are of course MUSICAL (.lms) sequences.


Select one or more sequences on the left and press the "+" button.  The sequences will then be added to the show you are creating on the right side.


To remove a sequence from the show, select it on the right side and press the "X" button.  This removes the sequence from the show, but does not delete the sequence from your computer.


To change the order of sequences that are played in your show, select a sequence on the right and use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons.


You can schedule this show to run at up to 2 different times.  If you want the same schedule all 7 days a week, select 'Same All Week' and set the time.


If you would like to have 2 different show start/stop times, select 'Separate Weekday and Weekends'.  You can then select which days are considered 'Normal' and what days are considered 'Weekend' and set different times for both.  Please note that even though we say 'weekday and weekend', you can select any days for either schedule.  to change the time for a schedule, click the times.  You will then be able to change the schedule times:



Next, choose whether you want the show to run continuously, or once every hour or every half hour.  If you select "continuously", then after all of its sequences have been played, the show will automatically start over with the first sequence; this will continue until the end time is reached.  If, instead, you select "once every hour" or "once every half hour", the show will stop after its last sequence, and start again once every hour (or half hour), until its end time is reached.


If you select Every 30 or Every 60 minutes, you can also choose what happens between shows.  'Lights On', 'Lights Off', or 'Slowly changing'.  Please note that these options will only control a limited number of controllers, so not all of your lights may come on.


Pressing OK will create your show as well as schedule it for the times you selected.  Please do not forget that you will need to load the LOR Control Panel and 'Enable Shows' for your show to start.