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The Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer is a tool used to create sequences, which are files that contain commands to be sent to controllers to produce various lighting effects - to turn lights on and off, make them twinkle or shimmer, fade up or down, and so forth.



After creating sequences with the S5 Sequencer, those sequences can be grouped together into shows, using the Show Editor.  Shows can then be scheduled to run at certain times, using the Schedule Editor, and the Show Player can be used to monitor the schedule and play those shows at the scheduled times.




The main S5 Sequencer window is divided into several sub-windows. In the following picture it is shown with the sub-windows in their default positions; however, the layout of the sub-windows can be easily customized. Also, the S5 Sequencer comes with several themes that control the background and text colors in the main window. In the configuration that is shown, the Playback Window is pinned, meaning it stays open (notice the pin icon in the upper right corner of the window). The 3 windows on the right side are all unpinned, meaning you can click on the name of the window to open it temporarily, but once you click on something else the window will close. To change a window from pinned mode to unpinned mode (or vice versa), just click the pin icon for that window.




A sequence is represented in the S5 Sequencer as a grid, with rows being channels and columns being timings.  A cell in the grid represents the lighting effect or effects on that channel at that time.  For example, the following sequence has four channels.  At the start of the sequence, the first channel turns on.  It stays on for half a second, then turns off, and the second channel then turns on.  Then it turns off, and the third turns on, and then the third turns off and the fourth turns on.  This brings us two seconds into the sequence, at which point all four channels fade down, for a second.  After that, the first and fourth channels start shimmering, while the second and third fade up:



A sequence with four channels, and various lighting effects


Notice that one cell is highlighted with a thick yellow box - the cell of the first channel from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds.  That is the currently selected cell.  Various tools can be applied to the selected cell (or cells), for example to change the lighting effect used on that channel at that time.


For more detailed information about sequences and the S5 Sequencer, please see the help file page on sequences, and the following topics:


Editing Sequences Using the Keyboard

Editing Sequences Using the Mouse

The Menu Bar


The Right-Click Context Menu

Channel Buttons

Track Bars

Loop Menus

The Channel Configuration Screen

The Animator

The Beat Wizard

The MIDI File Wizard

The Tapper Wizard

The VU Wizard

Freeform Play Mode

Intensity File Section

Comm Status Panel



The Light-O-Rama Sequencer, with a sequence