Intensity File Section

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If a sequence has any associated intensity files, information about them will be displayed in the Sequence Editor in an additional track-like section, displayed after all of its actual tracks, entitled "Pixel Editor and SuperStar Props".  The section cannot be used to modify the intensity file - that must be done through the Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor or the Light-O-Rama SuperStar Sequencer - but it does give some information about the intensity files.  When the sequence is first opened, it will look something like this:




Each of the two lines in the above example represents a single intensity file associated with the sequence - "PE Props" is the intensity file created by the Pixel Editor, and "SS Props" is the intensity file created by SuperStar.  Had there been only one intensity file associated with the sequence, only one of the lines would be present.


The pattern to the right does not indicate anything in particular, other than the fact that this is the Pixel Editor and SuperStar Props section; it is intended to make it clear at a glance that this is not really a track.


The section can be hidden as if it were a track, by clicking on the bar at its top.  To unhide, click the bar again.


Each line in the section can be expanded (via the "+" button) to show the list of props that are included in the intensity file.  For example, clicking on the "+" in the "PE Props" line yields this:





This particular intensity file has two props, entitled "DMX Universes Artifact" and "Light-O-Rama Units Artifact".  These are arbitrary names chosen by the author of this particular intensity file; the names will be different in other intensity files.  Also, this example should not be taken to imply that an intensity file will necessarily have exactly two props, or that props in an intensity file must be split up into DMX props and LOR props - there is no reason why different types of controllers cannot be "mixed" in the same prop.


Clicking on one of the buttons will open a dialog showing the various devices that are used in the various props: