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The Light-O-Rama Visualizer is a sophisticated planning and virtual hardware simulation tool designed to compliment the Light-O-Rama software suite.


The Visualizer will most commonly be used during the design of your show.  It allows you to add and edit lights on a virtual stage, to see, what they will look like in the real world.  Once the design is complete and the channels are virtually wired, the Sequence Editor or the Show Player can control the Visualizer just as if it were any of the hardware types supported by Light-O-Rama.  This even includes advanced controllers such as  Cosmic Color Devices, as the Visualizer includes supports for all CCR macros and color modes (channels 151-157).


Since the Visualizer uses standard IP communication, it is not limited to just design simulations on your sequencing computer; it can also be used as a display item in your show.  For example, you could attach a large screen TV to a computer somewhere else on your physical stage and control it from your show computer.


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The Light-O-Rama Visualizer