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The Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor is both a Sequencer and a Previewer (visualization tool) for your light displays. It makes it easy to display complex effects on RGB lights – like CCR trees, other Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color devices, or elements connected to DMX/E1.31 pixel controllers.


A display element (referred to in the Pixel Editor as a prop) can be sequenced using the Sequence Editor or the Pixel Editor, but not both. High channel count RGB props are sequenced most efficiently in the Pixel Editor, whereas the Sequence Editor gives you complete control over every channel. In the end, you must decide which props in your display should be sequenced with the Pixel Editor and which ones with the Sequence Editor.


If you already have a sequence for your RGB props in the Sequence Editor, but going forward you would like to sequence them in the Pixel Editor, there is a migration tool in the Pixel Editor that will allow you to move those channels into the Pixel Editor without losing the sequencing work you have already done. If you already have a Visualizer file for your display, you can preserve that work as well by importing the file into a Pixel Editor preview.



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