Using your Mouse to Arrange Preview

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In the picture above from the Pixel Editor's Preview Design, there is 1 blue string, 2 red strings, and 5 RGB arches. The second arch is selected. See the explanation of preview design colors for more information.


The selected item is always shown in yellow and has 4 red scaling “handles” at the corners (lines just have 2 handles) and a rotation handle to the right. You can select multiple props using Shift-click in the design window, or Ctrl-click or Shift-click in the item list. The selected prop(s) can be dragged around the preview window using the mouse. They can be resized by dragging any one of the 4 red handles in the corners, or by using the Ctrl-UpArrow and Ctrl-DownArrow keyboard shortcuts. You can rotate them by dragging the handle on the right side, by using the Format > Rotation menu, or by using the Ctrl-LeftArrow and Ctrl-RightArrow keyboard shortcuts. If you have multiple props selected, you can align them in many ways using the Format menu.


Any movement, scaling, or rotation action can be undone by clicking the undo button or using the Ctrl-Z keyboard shortcut.