Control Lights

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Select "Control Lights" from the Pixel Editor's Tools menu to toggle whether the Pixel Editor controls your lights or not. If a checkmark is visible next to the Control Lights menu item, then the Pixel Editor will control your lights. This setting applies to all open sequences.


When Control Lights is enabled, the Pixel Editor will send out data to:


A prop when an effect for that prop is selected in the sequencing grid

A prop when you double click on the prop’s name (or right-click on the prop name and select one of the play options)

All props when you click one of the play buttons above the sequencing grid.


The Pixel Editor can only control lights on LOR Enhanced and DMX/E1.31 networks. For LOR networks, this means that the “Enhanced” checkbox must be checked in LOR Network setup and the controllers on that network must be upgraded to the enhanced firmware.


Before trying to control your lights, make sure these steps are done first:


Connect LOR or DMX dongles to the computer where the Pixel Editor is running.

Make sure your light controllers are initialized correctly with the correct unit IDs (for the LOR protocol) and DMX universes (for the DMX protocol). LOR controllers must have a firmware version which understands the LOR Enhanced protocol; see the Light-O-Rama Firmware Updates web page for more information.

Define the LOR and DMX lighting networks in the Light-O-Rama Network Configuration tool. For LOR networks, make sure the 'Enhanced LOR Network' checkbox is checked.

Connect your light controllers to the dongles (or to your Ethernet network in the case of E1.31 devices).

Ensure all lights and controllers have power.

Start the Light-O-Rama Control Panel if you haven't already done so. You should see the light bulb icon in the Windows notification area (lower right corner of your screen).

Make sure the props you have created in your Pixel Editor preview have the correct network, unit IDs, and circuit numbers defined (they must match the hardware settings).


If the Control Panel is not running and you select “Control Lights”, you will get this message: