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We take a lot of pride in the fact so many people around the world use our technology and products to drive some truly inspiring shows.  Truth be told, you inspire us as we watch the great videos of what you have accomplished.  Just when we think a show couldn’t be more spectacular then we see another that sets the bar even higher.

The development team has been hard at work over the last few months as they continue their quest to help you dazzle the world.  Last year was another great one for Light-O-Rama but we’re not resting on our laurels. Here’s the latest.




ShowTime Sequencing Suite SoftwareThe software wizards have been cranking out the next generation ShowTime Sequencing Suite.  What the end-user sees is similar to what we’re all used to but behind the scenes there’s been a rebuild of just about everything.  ShowTime Sequencing Suite is designed to handle the high channel counts of the rapidly developing smart pixel world.


Pixel Editor Notion Effects

The ShowTime Sequencing Suite has a level above Advance we’re calling Pro and includes motion effects in the Pixel Editor designed for the Light-O-Rama environment.  To greatly oversimplify what it can do: create a prop like a pixel tree based on sixteen 50 pixel ribbons, choose from an assortment of predefined moving patterns (pinwheel, text, meteors, etc.), place the moving patterns on the music timeline any way you want and you’re done.  The results will show up in the Sequence Editor on a separate track allowing you to continue tweaking all the other channels just like you’re already comfortable doing.



SuperStar continues to improve. With S4 it can handle eighty 50 pixel strings/ribbons.  There’s also been plenty of fine tuning including the ability to fade images/text in/out and an enhanced instant sequence tool.


Before you ask: Pixel Editor or SuperStar?

What’s the major difference between Pixel Editor and SuperStar?  Pixel Editor relies on pre-defined moving patterns while SuperStar allows creation of most any pattern you can imagine that’s tightly linked to the timeline.  Both tools have a learning curve but the bottom line is Pixel Editor is good if you’re in a hurry while SuperStar is good if you want infinite control.


Smart pixel controller

LOR PixCon16 Pixel ControllerOur latest pixel controller called the LOR PixCon16 is ready for prime-time.  It has 16 SPI outputs for handling a variety of smart pixel strings/ribbons/devices as well as multiple standard DMX-512 universes. 20 outputs make for almost 18,000 channels of control.  You can talk to this controller over a standard IP based network via the E1.31 protocol or over our Light-O-Rama high-speed enhanced network.  This is an incredibly powerful board but I’ll admit it can be overwhelming to the non-techie.  Setup might need some nerd thinking since it requires network skills.  You also need power expertise because thousands of pixels will consume a lot of energy.  Finally, it helps to have basic pixel communication knowledge since there are so many pixel varieties.  Is it worth the effort?  If you’ve seen pixel trees in our videos you know they’re traffic stoppers.


16 channel residential AC controller is changing

CTB16PC 16 channel residential controllerThe standard plastic enclosure used for 16 channel AC controllers is getting a makeover.  It’s a bit bigger at 11”w, 13” high, 5” deep (compared to 9 x 13 x 4) and has large, easy-to-access tabs for wall or pole mounting.  It has a dedicated data cable port and is more spacious inside.


4 channel AC controller

If you haven’t seen the Generation 3 version of the four channel controllers, think of the 16 channel version… but only four channels and just one 15 amp power input cord.  They’re in our new plastic enclosures and designed for easy placement.  Each enclosure is approximately 8” wide, 10” high and 4” deep.4 channel LOR controller with wireless data communication

My favorite is the four channel controller with a built-in Easy Light Linker wireless interface. It looks just like a standard four channel controller except for the 5” rubber-ducky antenna sticking out of the top.  Inside the enclosure you’ll see the wireless interface built directly on the controller board and it’s configured just like any ELL device.  Keep in mind that once the unit receives the wireless data you can connect other controllers to the box with normal data cables so the data network appears seamless.  These units are perfect for malls or large areas where lighted accent props are scattered around the main event and there’s no easy way to get a data cable to them.



We are working with a new pixel supplier for our RGB based lights.  Cosmic Color Ribbons will soon be upgraded to a true IP-68 rating meaning there’s non-conductive jelly inside the ribbon so water can’t sneak in and cause havoc.  Cosmic Color Bulbs will have a slightly different form factor to make for easier deployment.  We will also be introducing new square pixel strings for use with our PixCon16 controller.

We’re not forgetting dumb pixels either.  Using our CMB24D eight pixel controller you will not only be able to connect RGB floods and ribbons but pixel strings.  These new RGB pixel strings use the square pixel form factor meaning they have a low profile and are easy to mount.  Outline a building or put a string in a bush.  Change the RGB values of just one pixel in your sequence and watch all the lights become any color the customer wants.


Off-the-Shelf Sequences

We’ve adding another 20 songs to the Light-O-Rama sequence store to give you more variety.  Some of our favorites: several Bob Rivers novelty tunes.  sequences.lightorama.com



Special note on the use of copyrighted music:   We had a couple of commercial installations get “probed” by a representative from ASCAP asking for fees. Apparently a neighboring Grinch turned them in. If you have any potential licensing issues consider using store sequences based on royalty free music. The generic sounding tunes will still get customers into the holiday spirit.


Wrapping Up

Light-O-Rama’s goal is to keep coming out with new products so you can continue dazzling audiences with great shows.  There’s plenty more happening at Light-O-Rama but the engineers have sworn me to secrecy.

More information is coming.  Feel free to contact me at any time.  Light-O-Rama is here to make you successful.

Welcome to Light-O-Rama.  You haven’t seen anything yet!

Dan Baldwin, CEO of Light-O-Rama, Inc.

Dan Baldwin
CEO of Light-O-Rama, Inc.